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Kyson Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA)

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Who are the PTFA?

All parents, guardians and carers of any child currently attending the school and all current staff, teaching and non-teaching, are automatically members of Kyson’s PTFA. We are also a charitable organisation (Charity No.:1126362) and our constitution can be found below.

What does the PTFA do?

The PTFA has two main aims:

• To raise funds for the school to pay for items that will benefit the school environment
and children's learning. Without this vital support, the school’s budget would become
overstretched to the disadvantage of your children’s education. All money the PTFA
raises is spent on things that the school needs to improve your child's education or
for those extra added-value items that give our children a great social life too!

• To encourage a positive relationship between the school and our families. It’s really
important to us to have a strong connection with all our families and have some fun
together! We hope you enjoy the events we put on and that they help you to feel
more connected to the school and this key part of your children’s life.

Upcoming Events

Second-Hand Uniform Sale - 3pm, 18th October 2019. 

Fireworks Display, 5th November 2019, gates open at 5.30pm. Tickets are £3 per person. 

Christmas Market, Thursday 28th November 2019, 3-5pm. Free entry.

Funds the PTFA have Raised

Funds we’ve raised:

  • Summer Fair 2019 - £8,800
  • Father's Day Gifts - £163
  • Second-Hand Uniform Sale - £48
  • Mother's Day - £268
  • Easter Raffle - £155
  • Valentines cake & second-hand uniform sale - £301
  • Quiz night - £560
  • Children’s Christmas cards - £360
  • Halloween event - £620
  • Firework display - £1,638

Some of the wonderful recent things we’ve bought with the money raised:

  • Contributed £10,000 towards to soon to be Daily Mile Path
  • Playhouse for early years
  • Outdoor gym for early years
  • Wooden pirate ship
  • Football goals
  • PA and sound system
  • Year 6 leavers' gifts

Make a Donation via Gift Aid/Support An Event

If you would like to make an online donation via our ‘everyclick’ donation page please click
this link.

Meet the PTFA Committee Members

Meet the PTFA Committee Members:

  • Chair – Frances Gilman
  • Vice Chair – Laura Morton
  • Treasurer – Cathy Jacobs
  • Environmentalist – Charlie Zakss
  • Secretary – Emily Sawyer
  • General Committee Members – Clare Kneebone, Catherine Sims, May Cornet, Claire Barnard & Sharon Hardwicke

How do I join/contact the PTFA?

Please contact any of the PTFA committee members or come and find us in the playground -
we are a friendly bunch we promise! Or email us on kyson.ptfa@gmail.com
We are always looking for new fundraising ideas and help with running our events. We don’t
expect members to attend every meeting or help out at every event - we welcome any
support at all you can offer!

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