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Illness, Accidents and Medicines


Please do not send any form of medication into school with your child or take medication to the office and expect it to be administered. In line with Suffolk County Council advice to schools, staff are unable to administer medicines of any kind during the school day.

The only exception to this is inhalers, epi-pens and children who are diabetic and insulin dependent. This medication is stored safely by the teachers (inhalers) and Head teacher (epi-pens and insulin).

Please note that the school requires written notification of those children for whom an inhaler has been prescribed.  Permission forms are available from the school office.

If a child has been sick or is unwell please keep them at home to contain the risk of infection.  Once better, if a course of treatment needs to be continued, please arrange through the office to meet your child in the entrance lobby at lunchtime.


If a child is taken ill or has an accident in school, we make every effort to notify the parent immediately.  If this cannot be done, the child may be referred to the family doctor or to the hospital by the Headteacher.

It is most important that you keep us informed of any change of address, home telephone number, or emergency number so that we can keep this information up to date.  We can only act on information supplied.

Health Checks

The County School Health Service programme provides a health interview at 5+.  Dental checks are also carried out.  Parents are always informed in advance of all health checks.

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