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Kyson Record Breakers

MacAulay MacAulay was a rugby superstar and was awarded a medal.  Very well done MacAulay!
Phoebe Phoebe was named student of the month at Kuk sool.  Very well done Phoebe!
Ruby Ruby has achieved a merit in Modern Dance.  (she was only 9 points away from a distinction.)  Very well done Ruby!
Tamzin  Tamzin has passed Bronze on Vault.  Very well done Tamzin!
Teagan Teagan was awarded an archery medal for scoring more bulleye's than anyone else.  Great aim Teagan!
Louis and Jago Louis and Jago made and sold heartstones for Valentines Day and raised £250 for the Sea Scouts.  Very well done boys!
Mishy Mishy plays football for Wickham Market and he was recently made "Man of the Match".  Brilliant Mishy!
Tobias Tobias passed with honours the Under 6 Dance Test 2.  Very well done Tobias!
Zak Zak took part in a disco competition with 30 other competitors.  He came 6th overall and earned this medal.  Well done Zak!
Zak Zak passed with honours the under 8 Dance Test 2.  Very well done Zak!
Phoebe Phoebe was one of the cast of "Wizard of Oz".  She played five parts, appeared in all 4 shows and performed in front of hundreds of people.  She was brilliant and is hoping to be cast in "Alice in Wonderland" next year. 
Rhianna Rhianna has a keyboard at home and in just one evening taught herself to play to tunes and has already chosen the next tune she is going to learn.  Amazing learning Rhianna!
Alex Alex played for the Woodbridge Warriors U7's in a rugby tournament and his team won, so he was presented with a fantastic medal.  Very well done Alex!
Stefan and Freddie Stefan and Freddie have both achieved their red belts in karate.  Very well done boys!
Kit Kit walked along the beach near his house and was really dismayed by all the rubbish he could see.  He decided to collect it and put it in the right place.  Well done Kit, you have really made a difference to that part of the beach.  Great thinking and action!
Billy Billy played for the Woodbridge Warriors U7's in a rugby tournament and his team won, so he was presented with a fantastic medal.  Very well done Billy!
Nuala-Jane Nuala-Jane chose some of her toys and gave them to her mummy to give away to other boys and girls who live near our school but dont have many toys of their own.  Thank you Nuala-Jane for being so kind. 
Edith Edith showed her thoughtfulness by sending the pictures from all her Christmas cards to a prison, which had asked for contributions, so that they could be re-used by others who weren'table to buy cards!
Ruby Ruby achieved a merit in her Preparatory Ballet exam.  Very well done Ruby!
Ottilie Ottilie can  now swim 10m without any aids or putting her feet on the bottom of the pool.  Very well done Ottilie!
Ava Ava has earned her white belt with a yellow stripe in karate! Very well done Ava!
Reide Reide has earned his yellow belt in karate!  Very well done Reide!
Charlie and Josh Charlie and Josh went to Cambridge to play football in the Norwich U11's team.  they played 7 matches and won the tournament with their team.  Great skill boys, very well done!
Arthur  Arthur was awarded 3 trophies for coming 1st in evening points, 1st for Autumn points and 1st in Spring points.  Very well done Arthur!
Oliver Oliver was awarded a certificate for being able to swim 5m without arm bands.  Very well done Oliver!
Tobias  Tobias was awarded two dancing medals and has earned the right to compete in Blackpool.  Very well done Tobias!
Faye Faye has achieved the Learn to Swim Award 3 and can now swim 200m, without stopping.  Very well done Faye!
Izzy Izzy has achieved a distance swimming certificate for 600m.  Very well done Izzy!
Grace Grace has achieved Gymnastics Award 5.  Very well done Grace!
Bella Bella has achieved Gymnastics Award 6.  Very well done Bella!
Amelie Amelie was awarded a tennis medal for being a superstar player.  Very well done Amelie!
Elsie, Poppy and Tilly Elsie, Poppy and Tilly did a 3 mile walk at Orford, to raise money to help refugees.  Poppy donated her tooth fairy money too.   Very well done girls!
Ottilie Ottilie has achieved her Level 5 gymnastics award.  Very well done Ottilie, what a superstar!
Lewis Lewis has sorted out some of the toys he no longer plays with and given them to a charity so other boys and girls can enjoy them.  What a big heart Lewis, well done!
India India took part in the 5m Santa run.  Very well done India!
William William achieved his 20m Rainbow Certificate in his swimming lessons.  Well done William.
Stefan and Freddie Stefan and Freddie have achieved the next grade in their Karate classes.  Well done boys.
Austin Austin won two medals recently for being a great rugby player.  He is a member of Woodbridge Rugby Club and  went to the Colchester festival. 
Jayden Jayden played football at GOALS.  He played goalie and striker and scored 5 goals.  He was so good he was presented with a medal.  Very well done Jayden.  
Kyra, Felix. Flo and Sam Kyra, Felix, Flo and Sam all ran the 5km Santa Run and did the leap of faith.  Great fitness and courage.  Very well done all.
Harry, Lewis, Alex, Fraser, Dylan, Billy and MacAulay Harry, Lewis, Alex, Fraser, Dylan, Billy and MacAuly all played for the Warriors in a rugby festival.  They all played brilliantly and were awarded medals.  Very well done boys. 
Henry Henry has achieved Stage 2 and Stage 3 swimming awards.  Great swimming Henry.
Sofia and Ruby Sofia and Ruby took part in a  1 hour tapathon for Children in Need.  They think they might have broken a world record.  Very well done girls. 
Elspeth Elspeth has achieved her 20m swimming certificate.  Very well done Elspeth.
Noah, Tobey and Giacomo Noah, Tobey and Giacomo are rugby fanatics and completed Miss Brown's challenge of 500 passes.  Well done boys. 
Rafi and Winston  Rafi and Winton have both achieved Award 3 in Gymnastics.  Very well Done!
Charlie Charlie won player of the year for his football team.  A great talent and a brilliant sporting attitude too.  Well done Charlie!
Joshua  Joshua took part in the Redwing Horse Show.  He rode Freya and came 3rd in the "in hand" class.  Very well done Joshua!
Leah Leah swam 25m in all one go, without putting her feet down on the bottom of the pool.  Very well done Leah!
Zack Zack fired arrows over 20 yds in his archery lesson to achieve the 3rd level in archery.  He scored 268pts (well above the average which is 252pts).  Very well done Zack!
Zachary and Tobias  Zachary and Tobias went to Blackpool to complete in the national dance examination competition against dancers from all over the world.  They both had a fantastic time and danced brilliantly.  Tobias earned a place in two quarter finals and two semi finals.  Zachary came 6th in the waltz, 6th in the rumba and 2nd in the cha-cha.  Look out "strictly"!   Very well done boys!
Kit and Louie  Kit and Louie were in the newspaper because they held up protest banners to make their views clear about some new houses being built locally.  Good for you boys!
Flo Flo achieved her Trampolining stage 10 award, swam 1000m and reached the next proficiency level in her Gymnastics.  Brilliant achievements!
MacAulay MacAulay attended a holiday club and was awarded a bronze medal for being a good at sport.  Well done MacAulay!
Tasmin Tasmin has achieved Gymnastics Award 1, having already achieved 6,5,4,3 and 2.  Next stop bronze!  Very well done Tasmin!
Mariyan Mariyan took part in a mud race in Colchester and he came 1st.  Great running Mariyan! 
Nina Nina has passed Level One in modern and acrobatic dance.  She was just one mark away from a merit.  Very well done Nina!
Reide Reide has achieved his yellow stripe belt in martial arts.  Very well done Reide!
Phoebe Phoebe took part in a pony race riding "Henry" and came 1st.  great riding Phoebe!
Sam Sam swam a distance of 800m in one go without a break.  Very well done Sam!
India India swam 100m in one go without putting her feet down on the bottom of the pool.  Very well done India 
Molly Molly is now the Under 10 Green Tennis Champion of Woodbridge.  Very well done Molly!
Holly Holly has only been going to swimming classes for three weeks and has already earned Stage 1 and Stage 2 swimming awards.  Very well done Holly!
Dylan Dylan loves the Woodbridge Skateboard Park.  He was asked by a journalist what could be improved and he was quoted in the magazine article in "Living in Woodbridge".  Very well done Dylan!
Terri-Ann Terri-Ann completed 8 activities to help and celebrate  wildlife and the enviroment.  She was awarded Hedgehog Award 1.  Very well done Terri-Ann!
Kit Kit and his football team played a math and won 15-12. Kit was awarded a goal scorers medal.  Very well done Kit!
Taylor  Taylor earned 3 medals for taking some great photos at Banham Zoo and being brave by picking up a crab and starfgish at Kessingland.  Very well done Taylor!
Brooke and Mason  Brooke and Mason organised their own Macmillian coffee morning and raised the fantastic  sum of £310.20.  Brilliant effect Mason and Brooke!
Harley Harley took part in a 10 pin bowling competition and league at Martlesham.  He came 3rd with his team.  Very well done Harley!
Abilgail Abilgail has achieved Learn to Swim Award 3.  Veryn well done Abilgail!
Emily Emily took part with her Dad, in a race at her sailing club.  They sailed a mirror together and came 1st.  Very well done Emily!
Issy Issy has achieved Stage 1 in the Youth Sailing Scheme.  Very well done Issy!
Connor Connor has been selected for the Suffolk County Cricket U11's squad.  Brilliant Connor!
Freya  Freya came 1st in the "Animal Agents" drawing competition in the 4 - 6 years old category.  She won £20 worth of book vouchers.  Very well done Freya!
Arthur  Arthur won the Deben Yacht Club Junior Cup because he is a very skillful sailor.  Very well done Arthur!
Bella, Kit and Rufus  Bella, Kit and Rufus took part in the Fun Run in Christchurch Park and ran through the bubble rush.  They were raising money for St Elizabeth's Hospice.  Very well done!
Terri-Ann Terri-Ann entered three classes at the Butley Flower Show.  She came 1st in the photo class, 1st in the model garden class and 2nd in the painting class.  Very well done Terri-Ann!
Ollie Ollie has achieved Stage 1 Learn to Swim Award.  Very well done Ollie!
Esmie  Esmie brought the book - 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4 by the National Trust and she completed 30 of the tasks during the Summer holiday.  Brilliant Esmie!
Ashton Ashton won the Bury and West Suffolk Junior Tennis Torunament Singles Open for Under 12's.  His photo was in the newspaper too.  Brilliant Ashton!
Louie Louie helped to raise over £1,000 for his beavers, cubs and scouts pack.  Very well done Louie!
India India has achieved Stage 3 Learn to Swim Award.  Very well done India!
Alex Alex has achieved Stage 2 Learn to Swim award.  Very well done Alex!
Alice Alice achieved her Stage 3 'Learn to Swim' certificate.  Well done Alice!
James  James has achieved Stage 2 Learn to Swim Award.  Very well done James!
Ottilie Ottilie has achieved Stage 6 Proficiency in gymnastics.  Very well done Ottilie!
Kaden Kaden passed Grade 4 gymnastics award.  Very well done Kaden!
Nina and Jake Nina and Jake both earned skiing medals for beating their personal best times down the dry ski slope.  Jake took 22.93 seconds and Nina 24.98 seconds.  Great skiing from both of them!
Kai Kai passed Grade 4 gymnastics award.  Very well done Kai!
Elspeth Elspeth had her first grading for futsal and she did brilliantly by splitting a piece of wood with her foot.  Wow, well done Elspeth!
Jake Jake plays cricket in the Melton U9's.  In a recent tournament he hit loads of sixes and his team came 3rd.  Very well done Jake!
Tasmin Tamsin has achieved Gymnastics Award 3.  Very well done Tamsin!
Humphrey Humphrey won a lego set for sending a brilliant photo to The Beano, showing him with lots and lots of Beano comics and annuals displayed on this stairs, "Stairway to heaven".  Very well done Humph!
Hannah Hannah played for the East of England basketball team against 9 other county teams.  Her team came 4th.  Fantastic skill Hannah!
George George played football for team inspire in a recent tournament.  He and his team played 4 matches, won all four and george was awarded "Best Player for the Tournament".  Very well done George!
Emily Emily was awarded a medal for dancing the waltz brilliantly....even though she has only been learing for 5 weeks.  Very well done Emily!
Flo Flo has achieved Learn to Swim Award 7.  Very well done Flo!
Freddie and Finlay Freddie and Finlay cleared all the litter from around the area where they live.  They did it because they wanted to help.  Very well done boys!
Max Max plays football for Whitton and his team came 2nd in the league.  Max has been awarded three trophies through the season for being an ace winger.  Very well done Max!
Flo Flo has achieved British Gymnastics Bronze Award.  Very well done Flo!
Phoebe Phoebe took part in Grace's Show.  She rode Henry and came 5th in Cantering and trotting.  Very well done Phoebe!
James James was awarded a trophy for scoring the U10's Best Goal of the Season.  Very well done James!
Dylan Dylan took part in a 20km walk/run with his Dad and sister to raise money for Thomas Mills High school.  Very well done Dylan!
Kayra Kayra completed the Woodbridge 1.5km Road Race 2017.  Great running Kayra!
Jamie Jamie was awarded a medal for playing for Woodbridge Warriors U6's all season.  Very well done Jamie!
Charlie and Josh Charlie and Josh played for different Wickham Market football teams in a recent tournament.  They played 6 matches, won 5 and drew 1.  Well earned medals boys. Great!
Molly Molly took part in the Kesgrave 5km Fun Run with her dad.  She completed it in just 26 minutes.  She was 1st in her age group, 19th of all the females who took part and 148th overall.  There were 430 runners altogether.  Brilliant running Molly, very well done!
James E, Jake, Nathan, Ollie, Eva and Magnus All took part in the Woodbridge Junior run with 150 other 7 - 15 year olds.  They came: James - 42nd, Jake 79th, Nathan 41st, Ollie 32nd, Eva 80th and Magnus 65th.
Lily Lily was awarded a medal for taking part in the Woodbridge 1.5km run.   She came 2nd in the U12's.  Great running Lily.
Grace Grace was awarded a distinction in her Level 1 dance exam.  A fantastic achievement Grace, very well done!
Charlie Charlie was awarded a medal for playing football for Wickham Knights in an east of England tournament.  They were the only team from the Ipswich area.  Great playing Charlie!
Patrick Patrick was awarded a medal for taking part in the Woodbridge 1.5km run.  He came 3rd in the U10's.  Great running Patrick.
Daisy Daisy took part in a 2 day horse show with her pony Cocoa.  She won 7 rosettes over the two days.  Amazing riding Daisy, well done!
Lewis Lewis was awarded a medal for playing great rugby at his Dad's Rugby Club in Lowestoft.  Very well done Lewis!
Mia Mia was awarded a merit in her Level 1 Dance exam.  A fantastic achievement.  Very well done Mia!
Hannah Hannah has been selected to train with the East of England basket ball squad.  Wow an amazing achievement!
Sara and Alice Both have passed Stage 4 gymnastics.  Very well done girls!
Connie Connie received the hockey coach's award for best U12 player this season.  Very well done Connie!
James James cycled 35 miles to raise money for charity.  He raised £50 for Cancer for Children.  Very well done James!
Harry, Alex, Billy, Mikey and Dylan All received a medal for playing brilliantly for Woodbridge Warriors all season.  Very well done boys!
Diggory Diggory received the rugby coach's award for best U6 player this season.  Very well done Diggory!
Mishy Mishy achieved Stage 3 Learn to Swim award.  Very well done Mishy!
Alex Alex has passed Gymnastics Award Stage 5.  Very well done Alex!
James James has passed Grade 2 piano exam with a merit.  Very well done James!
Ines Ines completed with Ipswich Harriers.  She came 1st in the 100m, 2nd in the 200m beaten by one mili-second and 1st in the 4 x 100m relay.  Brilliant running Ines, very well done!
Jessica Jessica has passed Grade 1 piano exam.  Very well done Jessica!
Harry Harry has passed ASA Learn to Swim Award Stage 4.  Very well done Harry!
Tamzin Tamzin has achieved Gymnastics Grade 4.  Very well done Tamzin!
Millie Millie has passed Grade 4 violin exam with distinction.  Brilliant Millie!
Diggory Diggory was awarded the best under 6 hockey player by his hockey club.  Very well done Diggory!
Ottilie Ottilie has passed Gymnastics Proficiency Award Level 7.  Very well done Ottilie!
Dominik and Lewis Dominik and Lewis are skiing champions.  Very well done boys!
Humphrey Humphrey achieved his 400m swimming certificate - that's 27 lenghts of the Kyson pool!  Well done Humphrey!
Lee and  Hannah Lee and Hannah have been selected to play for the Suffolk Basketball Squad in the next match at which there will be East of England scouts.  Congratulations and good luck to both!
Kyle Kyle has achieved bronze Stage 3 Lifeguard Award.  Very well done Kyle, great swimming!
Edith Edith has sung at Snape Concert Hall in the opera Carmena Burana with the Jubilee Opera Chorus.  Wow, what an opportunity.  Very well done Edith!
Zack Zack is a brilliant archer and recently gained his Level 2 award at 15 yards with a score of 256 points.  Great shooting Zach!
Connie Connie took part in the British Schools' Biathlon and finished 29th out of over 150 competitors.  The event took place at Crystal Palace in London!
Eva, Alice, Sam, Jake, Max and Joseph Eva, Alice, Sam, Jake, Max and Joseph all took part in the Colhester U10's rugby tournament.  They played for Woodbridge Warriors against Colchester, Bury and Mersea and all of them were medal winners.  Very well done to all!
Katie and Henry Katie and Henry organised a cake sale for Comic Relief and raised an amazing £85.50.  A brilliant effort, very well done to both of you!
Phoebe Phoebe has achieved Swimming Sage 4 Award.  Very well done Phoebe, great swimming!
Millie and Bella Mille and Bella both achieved the  Falcon Ski Award on their recent holiday to France. Very well done girls!
Connie, Flo and Diggory Connie, Flo and Diggory did a little litter pick in Dallinghoo because there was so much horrible litter around. They collected two big bags! Very well done you three!
Flo Flo has achieved bronze level in advanced gymnastics. Very well done Flo!
Diggory Diggory has achieved Level 5 gymnastics. His goal is to achieve Level 1 which is the most difficult. Very well done Diggory!
Eliza and Roza Eliza and Rosa both achieved the Falcon Ski Award on their recent holiday to France. Very well done girls!
Ava Ava was sponsored to have her haircut. She raised an amazing £140 for the Prince's Trust. A brilliant idea Ava, well done!
Ottilie Ottilie has achieved Level 8 gymnastics. Very well done Ottilie!
Josh Josh successfully completed a 30 minute distance swim. Great stamina Josh!
Betsy, Phoebe, Nina and Lyrah Betsy, Phoebe, Nina and Lyrah together won the Woodbridge Tennis Tournament as the mini orange team. Very well done girls!
David David successfully completed a 30 minute distance swim. Great stamina David!
Alex Alex has achieved Stage 6 Gymnastics. It only took him 8 weeks - however he was so enthusiastic he ended up with grazed knees!
Esmie Esmie has just received her certificate for her fundraising efforts for last years' Children in Need. £91.05 raised.... very well done Esmie!
Izzy Izzy has achieved Level 2 ice figure skating. Great skating Izzy!
Connie Connie came 3rd in the 200m breaststroke County Championship. Brilliant swimming Connie!
Jake & Cass Jake and Cass recently cleared a pond in Thorpness of all it's rubbish.... a whole bin full! It took 2 hours and they had to work realy hard... very well done boys, you made a real difference!
Louis Louis was awarded Learn to Swim Award Level 3. Very well done Louis!
Jake Jake took part in the Aussie Tennis Open. He played so brilliantly he was awarded a certificate. Very well done Jake!
Nina Nina took part in a local "Aussie Open" style tennis tournament and played brilliantly. Her doubles partner was her mum!
Louie Louie is now an official member of British Gymnastics and has his own membership card to prove it! Very well done Louie!
Faye Faye has earned the Learn to Swim Award Stage 2. Very well done Faye!
Ruby-Mae Ruby-Mae performed in the chorus of all 12 performances of "The Swan Princess" by the Deben Players and loved it! Very well done Ruby-Mae!
Sofia Sofia was awarded an Elena Blatcha Tennis medal for excellence. Very well done Sofia!
Phoebe Phoebe was awarded 7 certificates for being a brilliant dancer. Very well done Phoebe!
Arthur Arthur came 2nd overall in the Autumn sailing races at the Deben Yacht Club. Great sailing Arthur, very well done!
Finlay Finlay has achieved Learn to Swim Award Stage 2. Fantastic swimming Finlay, very well done!
Hannah Hannah can now swim 5m without her feet touching the bottom of the pool. Very well done Hannah!
Phoebe Phoebe has acheived Learn to Swim Award Stage 3. Fantastic swimming Phoebe, very well done!
Mimi Mimi has been busking again with her flute and raised £216 for the British Red Cross and The New Skills Centre. Brilliant effort Mimi, well done!
Freya Freya can now swim 25m without any rests. Very well done Freya!
Sofia Sofia was awarded a merit in her Associated Board of Dance Tap exam. Fantastic achievement Sofia! Very well done!
Ellie Ellie can now swim 5m without touching the bottom. Great swimming, very well done Ellie!
Poppy Poppy can now swim 5m without touching the bottom. Great swimming, very well done Poppy!
Flo Flo competed brilliantly for the Felixstowe hockey club and was awarded a certificate. Well done Flo!
Jamie Jamie was awarded a medal for running 5km. Very well done Jamie!
Jorja Jorja made a box of goodies for a homeless person. An act of kindness, well done Jorja!
Flo Flo competed brilliantly for the Felixstowe hockey club and was awarded a certificate. Well done Flo!
Issy Issy can swim 400m aided. Brilliant swimming Issy!
Lilly Lilly helped to raise an amazing £2,226.50 for St Elizabeth's Hospice and East Bergholt Ward. Very well done Lilly!
Jake, Nell, Nathalie, Sophia and Jacob Jake, Nell, Nathalie, Sophia and Jacob had a cake sale at the Hasketon Village Hall for the World Wildlife Fund and raised £67.40. Great work, very well done to all!
Edith Edith has a real talent for writing and was awarded a special certificate and her writing was published. Very well done Edith!
Flo Flo has achieved Trampoline Proficiency Award Stage 8. Very well done Flo!
Finley Finley has achieved Stage 3 Learn to Swim Award. Very well done Finley!
Tayla-May Tayla-May has earned a certificate for swimming 10m. Very well done Tayla-May!
Kyle Kyle has acchieved Bronze 1 and Bronze 2 Life Saving Awards. Great achievements Kyle, well done!
Sam Sam has achieved a swimming certificate for swimming 400m. Very well done Sam!
Jenny Jenny won a horse show on her pony "Rainbow". Very well done Jenny!
Ollie, Sam and Dominik Ollie, Sam and Dominik took part in an U8's Tag Rugby Tournament in Colchester and came 1st. Very well done boys!
Hannah Hannah has been selected to play in the U11 Suffolk Netball Development Team. Next stap the England team. Go Hannah!
Betsy Betsy can swim 400m without putting her feet down on the bottom or touching the sides of the  pool. Very well done Betsy!
Emilia Emilia has been chosen to be part of the Suffolk Youth Strings. Very well done Milly!
Maddie Maddie has been chosen to be part of the suffolk Youth Strings. Very well done Maddie!
Mara and Freya Mara and Freya were meant to be awarded a blue stripe belt in kuk sool, but they were both so good that they were awarded the next level up, a blue belt. Very well done girls, great skills!
Sofia Sofia has earned her Stage 2 swimming award. A super achievement. Well done Sofia!
Esmie Esmie has achieved a silver Blue Peter badge for making a victoria sandwich with special icing. She also walked a mile to raise money for a charity that supports sufferers of dementia. Very well done Esmie for all your efforts!
Josh Josh has achieved Stage 5 Swimming Award. Great swimming Josh, very well done!
Abigail Abigail swam 400m - that is more than one lap around the field! A super achievement, well done Abigail!
Connie Connie took part in the Deben Open Swimming Meet and came 1st in three races and 2nd in one race. Great swimming Connie, very well done!
Flo Flo has acheieved 800m swimming certificate. Great swimming Flo, very well done!
Alice Alice can now swim 200m without putting her feet down. Very well done Alice!
Phoebe Phoebe can swim 600m. Fantastic swimming Phoebe, very well done!
Molly Molly can now swim 1000m. Fantastic achievement Molly, very well done!
George George was awarded a silver Blue Peter badge for making a brilliant lego model of the Blue Peter emblem. Very well done George!
Tamzin Tamzin has achieved a certificate for swimming 400m. Very well done Tamzin!
Liam Liam took paart in a tennis competition with his dad and they came second. The next Andy Murray! Well done Liam!
Jessica Jessica completed 400m in a distance swim - even further than a whole lap around the Kyson track! Well done Jessica!
George George has earned his first ever swimming certificate. This could be the first of many! Very well done George!
Diggory Diggory has acheieved Stage 7 Gymnastics Proficiency award. Very well done Diggory!
Lewis Lewis went to Apple Day at Foxborough Farm and made an absolutely brilliant hedgehog with a potato and sticks. Very well done Lewis!
Josh Josh entered a TMNT action figures competition on holiday and has just learnt he is a winner. His prize is on the way! Well done Josh!
Finlay Finlay has achieved Stage 1 Learn to Swim Award. Very well done Finlay!
Connie Connie took part in the St Felix Bi-athlon time trials. She earned 2303 points and came 1st in her age category. She may have done enough to earn a place in the national finals. Very well done Connie!
Poppy Poppy cycled an amazing 6.5 miles to Rendlesham Forest, wow! Very well done Poppy!
Millie Millie took part in her very first triathlon at castle Howard. She came 131st our of 140... a brilliant effort, very well done Millie!
Millie Mille gained her distinction in her Grade 3 violin exam. Very well done Millie!
Izzy Izzy has earned two certificates, one for 200m and one for snorkelling, very well done Izzy!
Connie Connie swam in the Deben swimming club championships and was the fastest girl, scored the most points and came first in the 10 yera old category! Brilliant achievement Connie!
George and Esmie Were really successful at the Debach Show. Esmie earned the most points in total for her children's exhibits and George won "Best child's exhibit" and "Best in show" for his amazing cupcakes. Well done to you both! What superstars!
Keturah  Keturah has achieved Water Skills Grade 5. Great swimming Keturah, very well done!
Maddy  Maddy has achieved Learn to Swim Award Stage 1. Great swimming Maddy, very well done!
Kyle  Kyle took part in a cycle race. He was the first to complete 2 laps and was awarded a winners medal!
Mia  Mia can swim 15m without putting her feet on the floor. Great swimming Mia! Very well done!
Libby  Libby played cricket in the Melton U11's team and they came 2nd. Great work Lib!
Abigail  Abigail has achieved Learn to Swim Award Stage 2. Great swimming Abigail, very well done!
Josh  Josh has achieved Learn to Swim Award Stage 4. Great swimming Josh, very well done!
Maddie  Maddie took Grade 5 violin exam and passed with a distinction. Wow! Amazing talent, well done!
Misi  Misi has achieved Learn to Swim Award Stage 1. Great swimming Misi, very well done!
Issy  Issy is a brilliant middle distance runner. She came 5th out of 14 runners in the 800m at Northgate, 3rd out of 9 runners in the 800m in Southend, achieving a personal best of 2.37m. Issy has been selected for the under 13's 800m event in the Suffolk Inter County Championships in Bury. Brilliant racing Issy!
Flo  Flo took part in the Mini Deben Swimming Championsjip. She earned a silver medal in backstroke and bronze medals in frontcrawl, breaststroke and butterfly. Brilliant swimming Flo!
Connie  Connie took part in the Development in Swimming Championship. She took part in 6 races for 10 year olds and came 1st in 50m backstroke, 1st in 100m breaststroke and 3rd in 100m backstroke. Brilliant Connie!
Bella and Rose  Bella and Rose completed 480 pull ups on the ropes (with some little breaks in between!). Well done girls!
James  James played football for the Woodbridge Woodpeckers in a tournament with 6 teams. His team came 1st! Fab James, very well done!


 Jessie-Grace has achieved a whie and blue belt for karate. Fantastic Jessie-Grace, very well done!
Nina  Nina took part in the Culford Triathlon "Tri Start". She came 9th out of 15 competitors. She had to swim 50m, cycle 3/4 mile and then run 400m. Fantastic effort Nina!
Louie  Louie has passed Recreational Award 2 in Gymnastics! Very well done Louie - lots of hard work and attention required for this, many congratulations!
Millie  Millie can swim 800m. Fantastic stamina Millie, very well done!
Dolly  Dolly has achieved Stage 5 in swimming. Great effort Dolly, very well done!
Jamie  Jamie has acheived Stage 7 in swimming. Amazing, very well done Jamie!
Bill  Bill in a recent Kuksool Tournament Bill won a silver medal for "take downs" and a bronze medal for forms,.  Very well done Bill!
Ines  Ines is now in the GBR sailing cadet squad and is off to race in Argentina at Christmas.  Fantastic Ines!
Millie  Millie achieved her Stage 5 swimming award.  Super swimming Millie!
Jessica  Jessica was awarded a merit for her Entry Level Dance Award.  Very well done Jessica!
Conor  Connor came third in a cricket tournament and represented his club brilliantly.
Hannah  Hannah won the East Suffolk Hockey Club "Best girl player of the Season" and an award for playing in the U10 1st team.
Mara and Freya  Mara and Freya took part in a Kuksool tournament in Norwich.  Mara came 4th on forms and 2nd on sparring.  Freya came 4th on forms.  Very well done to both girls!
Betsy  Betsy achieved a distinction in her recent dance exam with an overall score of 79/100.  Brilliant news Betsy!
James  James at the end of season football awards won a certificate and trophy for being the top scorer in a single match - 7 goals! amazing
Esmanur  Esmanur completed her 25m swimming award and earned a certificate and badge.  Well done Esmanur!
Lee and Samuel  Both played in a recent cricket tournament for Melton U9 team and came 4th.  Great stuff boys!
Molly Molly came first in a doubles tennis tournament. Her doubles partner was her dad!
Ellen and Issy Ellen and Issy both played for Suffolk in the Eastern Region Basketball Championships at St Albans. Issy's team came 6th and Ellen's team 2nd! Very well done girls!
Jake, James, Nathan, Eva, Puby, Ollie and Magnus  Jake, James, Nathan, Eva, Ruby, Ollie and Magnus all took part in the Woodbridge 1.5km running race. They all ran brilliantly and came 10th, 9th, 7th, 11th and 3rd respectively, unfortunately Ruby was poorly and din't finish. Watch out for next year!
Humphrey  Humphrey has achieved a certificate for swimming 200m. Great swimming Humph!
Aaran  Aaran has earned three gold medals for his football skills. He plays for Sutton Heath U8s and is a brilliant right wing. Very well done Aaran!
Flo  Flo has achieved Stage 2 Proficiency in gymnastics. Very well done Flo!
Freya and Mara  Freya and Mara have both achieved a yellow belt in kuksool. Very well done girls!
Cara  Cara drew a "teeny TVs" design which was so good, it was printed in the magazine Shopkins National. Very well done Cara!
Nina and Phoebe  Nina and Phoebe took part in the Family Tennis Cup together and played really well. Very well done girls!
Billy, Hugo, Sam, Ollie, Dominik, Jamie, Dylan, Harry and Zane Are all Woodbridge Warriors rugby superstars! Very well done boys!
Florence   Florence helped to raise £365 by taking a collection bucket around the "Coach and Horses" for a charity that helps people with brain related illnesses. Amazing!
Alfred  Alfred has earned two medals. One from Woodbridge FC for playing in mini tournament with his team and winning 3 matches and drawing one and the second from Woodbrudge Warriors RFC in the end of season celebration for being a great player. Very well done Alfred! Great Sportsmanship!
Lily  Lily came second in her age group in the Junior Woodbridge run. What a great achievement!
Freddy  Freddy has achieved a medal from Woodbridge Warriors for taking part in the rugby training sessions.
Tayla-May  Tayla-May has earned a certificate for swimming 5m without touching the bottom. Very well done Tayla-May, great swimming!
Ines  In the recent 2nd England selector sailing race, Ines came 5th. Her overall position is 9th and there is just one more selector race to go. If she finishes in the top 10 overall, she will go to Argentina in December to race against the rest of the world! Fantastic sailing Ines, very well done!
David  David was named Under 10 "Support Player of the Season" at Woodbridge Rugby Club because he is loyal, committed, very hard working and of course, skilful. Very well done David!
Felix  Felix cycled all the way from Dallinghoo to Melton and back again. It was a really long way but he didn't give up. Brilliant effort Felix, very well done!
William  William took part in and completed the Alton Water 2km run. He came 46th out of all the competitors. Fantastic running William!
Ruby and Millie  Ruby and Millie took part in and completed the Alton Water 2km run. Fantastic running girls!
James  James took part in a sponsored cycle race to raise money for Action for Medical Research. He raised £225 all by himself and the whole event raised £52,000. Fantastic effort James, very well done!
Louie and Kit Louie and Kit took part in and completed the Alton Water 2km run. Louie finished in under 15 minutes! Fantastic running boys!
Liam  Liam entered a drawing competition when on holiday at The Haven in Hopton. His drawing was so good he was awarded "Drawing of the Week". Very well done Liam!
Ollie, Dominik, Sam, Zane, and Hugo Played rugby for the Woodbridge Warriers U7 team at th eIpswich Rugby Festival. They played 4 matches and were unbeaten. Brilliant play boys!
Jake, Max, Millie and Eva  Played contact rugby for the Woodbridge Warriors U9 team at the recent Ipswich Rugby Festival. They played 4 matches, won 2, drew 1 and lost 1. Good work guys!
Mishy  Mishy swam 5m underwater with just one breath. Very well done Mishy!
Libby  Libby walked 5km in Rendlesham Forest in support of the charity "Challenge Faces". Wow, well done Libby, that's a long way!
Liam  Liam is a Junior Ranger. He helps look after the local environment and he did a brilliant job recently collecting lots of litter. Very well done Liam!
Phoebe  Phoebe's team won the Junior Tennis Challenge. Very well done Phoebe!
Gabby  Gabby's under 10 hockey team were winners of the County Under 10 Championships. Very well done gabby!
Felix, Daniyal and Dominik  Felix, Daniyal and Dominik ran 115 times from the l/h bottom corner of the field to r/h bottom corner. They needed a big rest afterwards! Very well done boys, great stamina!
Millie  Millie played her violin brilliantly at the recent Young Musician of the Year 2016. The judges said she didn't stop smiling once!  Very well done Millie!
Cara  Cara was awarded a Blue Peter badge for the picture she drew of Lindsey and the siberian tigers and wrote "an inspirational letter" too. Very well done Cara!
Esther, Havanna and Lily  Esther, Havanna and Lily completed 5000 catches without dropping a single one! Great job girls!
Phoebe  Phoebe has achived ASA Learn to Swim Stage 3. What a superstar Phoebe, very well done!
David  David has achieved ASA Rainbow Distance Award for swiming 600m. What a superstar David, very well done!
Lizzie  Lizzie has achieved ASA Learn to Swim Stage 6. What a superstar Lizzie, very well done!
Jacob  Jacob earned 5950 points on mathletics in one sitting and was ranked 52nd in the UK on February 28th 2016. Great mental agility Jacob, very well done!
Dylan  Dylan did brilliantly at the East of England Karate Championships. He came 1st in team cutter and 3rd in the fighting tournament. Great skill Dylan!
Kayra  Kayra has achieved 1st and 2nd proficiency certificates in trampolining. What a superstar Kayra, very well done!
Lizzie  Lizzie has achieved Gymnastics Association Grade 3. Very well done Lizzie!
Louie  Louie has achieved Gymnastics Grade 3. Very well done Louie!
Evie  Evie passed the Primary Ballet Exanm. What a superstar Evie, very well done!
Mimi  Mimi did some busking in Woodbridge town centre with her flute and raised an amazing £158 for the Red Cross! Very well done
Anya  Anya has been talent spotted as a top under 11 netball player. Very well done Anya!
Josh, Joseph, Ollie, Jamie, Oliver and Zach  The boys cooked 172 pancakes at Scouts on Shrove Tuesday and ate most of them. That must be a record... well done boys!
Connie  Connie has achieved Proficiency Trampolining Award 10. Very well done Connie!
David  David has achieved a distance certificate for swimming 800m. Great swimming David, well done!
Esmie, Layla, Alice and Kacey  The girls are the "right hand pink glove team". They decided to work together to pick up litter and helped make our school look even better! Thank you girls!
Flo  Flo has achieved a certificate for swimming 50m. Brilliant swimming Flo!
Jacob  Jacob has earned an ASA Rainbow Swimming certificate for swimming 600m. Great swimming Jacob, well done!
Josh  Josh has earned his Stage 3 Learn to Swim Award. Great swimming Josh, well done!
Issy  Issy has achieved Level 1 Figure Skating. Brilliant skating Issy, well done!
Eliza and Rosa  Eliza and Rosa were a great team and did 1,011 non-stop skips with ropes. A lovely way to keep fit girls, well done!
Finley  Finley as achieved a Rainbow Swimming Certificate for swimming 15m. Great swimming Finley, very well done!
Phoebe  Phoebe has achieved Stage 2 Learn to Swim Award. Very well done Phoebe!
Riley  Riley has acheieved Stage 1 Learn to Swim Award. Great swimming Riley, very well done!
Lily-Ann  Lily-Ann has achieved a Rainbow Swimming certificate for swimming 15m. Great swimming Lily-Ann, very well done!
Connor  Connor was presented with the Under 9's trophy for cricket bowling at Melton CC. Now he is in the under 12's squad. Great skill Connor!
Dylan  Dylan has achieved Stage 3 Learn to Swim Award. Very well done Dylan!
Keturah  Keturah has achieved Grade 2 violin with distinction. Brilliant Keturah!
Felix  Felix has earned the ASA Puffin swimming award. Very well done Felix!
Freya  Freya has achieved a certificate for swimming 10m. Very well done!
Danielle and Ruby  Danielle and Ruby both had their hair cut and donated to the Princess Trust to make wigs for people who need them.
Connie  Connie played for Felixstowe Hockey Club in the Youth League and won all her matches. Her team were awarded gold medals. Very well done Connie!
Nina  Nina has achieved the Learn to Swim Award Stage 5. Fantastic swimming Nina.
Betsy  Betsy has achieved a 200m swimming certificate. Great swimming Betsy!
Tayla May  Tayla May has achieved Stage 2 Learn to Swim Award. Very well done Tayla May!
Dylan  Dylan was awarded the Individual Cutter Cup for skill and achievement in 2015. The first time it has ever been presented. Very well done Dylan!
David  David earned a gold medal for winning the downhill skiing slalem. Very well done David!
William  William has earned a certificate for swimming 5m. Very well done William!
Finlay  Finlay has achieved Stage 2 Learn to Swim Award. Very well done Finlay!
Josh and Harry  Josh and Harry did 876 laps on their scalextric track which was 1m 32 cm long.  Great control boys, well done!
Bill  Bill is now a yellow belt in Kuk Sool.  Very well done Bill!
Nina  Nina took part in the Junior Team Tennis CHallenge and played brilliantly.  Very well done Nina!
Mia  Mia has earned Stage 1 and Stage 2 Learn to Swim awards.  Fantastic swimming Mia, very well done!
Betsy and Lyrah  Both took part in the Junior Team Tennis Challenge and played brilliantly.  Very well done!
Lucy  Lucy captained the under 12 hockey B team for the Ipswich East Suffolk squad.  The team came 3rd in the first division.  Very well done Lucy, great captaincy!
Mimi  Mimi busked with her flute in Woodbridge.  She played so well, that she raised £98.60 from passers by for the British Red Cross.  Very well done Mimi!
Maybelle  Maybelle has passed Gymnastic Award 1.  Very well done Maybelle!
Connie  Connie was awarded 3 gold metals, 2 silver medals and a bronze at the Deben Meet.  Fabulous swimming Connie, very well done!
Jacob  Jacob achieved his Stage 5 swimming award.  Well done Jacob!
Oliver, Joseph and Zach  They completed in the Deben District ACE Construction Competition with their Cubs.  They came 1st - what a super building team!
Dion, Zane and Ollie  All did some fitness training together.  They completed 500 squat jumps, 105 jumps and 5 runs.  Great work boys!
Max, Joel, Ashton, Oliver and Joseph  All completed some great fitness work by running 20 circuits each on the field.  Very well done boys!
Elspeth  Elspeth was awarded a certificate for swimming 5m.  Well done Elspeth!
Billy  Billy was awarded Grade 2 Duckling Award for fantastic swimming.  Well done Billy.
Madeleine  Madeleine passed her Grade 1 piano exam with a distinction.  140 marks!  Very well done Madeleine
Cara and Poppy  Cara and Poppy recently did a table top sale outside Woodbridge Library and they raised £30 for charity (WWF).
Lizzie  Lizzie came first on the parallel bars and won the gold medal in a recent Gymnastics competition at Pipers Vale. Very well done Lizzie!
Arthur  Arthur has earned the ASA Stage 1 swimming award. Fantastic swimming Arthur!
Jake, James and Eva  Jake, James and Eva recently too part in the Rabble Chorus at the Ipswich Corn Exchange. They performed African songs in front of hundreds of people. It was nerve-racking but they were brilliant so very well done to all three!
Darcy  Darcy recently took part in the People Run 2 Remember . She ran 5km through Rendlesham forest with her Mum, Ruby and Billy. Very well done all!
David and Seb  David and Seb are fantastic rugby players and together managed 1,436 rugby passes. The England coach is definately interested boys! Very well done!
Danielle  Danielle has achieved her Stage 4 Learn to Swim award. Very well done Dolly!
Diggory  Diggory has achieved Bronze and Silver Gymnastics Rewards. Very well done Diggory!
Eliza  Eliza has achieved her Stage 1 trampolining certificate. Very well done Eliza, you're a star!
Louie  Louie has achieved Stage 1 Gymnastics and Stage 2 swimming. Very well done Louie!
Freddie  Freddie has passed Stage 1 Learn to Swim Awards and has earned a 5m distance swimming certificate. Very well done Freddie, great swimming!
Flo  Flo has passed Grade 4 Gymnastics. Very well done Flo!
Finley  Finley has passed his Learn to Swim Award 2. What an amazing achievement, very well done Finley!
Lily  Lily passed her Learn to Swim Award 2. What an amazing achievement, very well done Lily.
Megan and Millie  Megan and Millie took part in the Suffolk Festival of Performing Arts. They both danced a modern solo and earned merits. Millie also did a tap dance. They were both brilliant and did lots of smiling!
Chloe  Chloe has achieved the Learn to Swim Award Stage 2. Very well done Chloe!
Phoebe  Phoebe has achieved the Learn to Swim Award Stage 1. Very well done Phoebe!
Jayden  Jayden helped his Gran bake for the MacMillan Coffee morning at the Seckford Almshouses. The delicious food was sold to residents and raised a staggering £273.83 for the Macmillan Cancer Support! Well done Jayden!
Nicholas  Nicholas played his first "gig" at the Reception held by the Woodbridge Mayor at the Tide Mill. Good gear Nick! Very well done!
Thomas  Thomas has achieved the Learn to Swim Award Stage 2. Very well done Thomas!
Ruby  Ruby has achieved the Learn to Swim Award Stage 2. Very well done Ruby!
Phoebe  Phoebe achieved her first swimming certificate for swimming 5m. Brilliant, very well done Phoebe!
Ines and Maia  Ines and Maia took part in the England Inland Sailing Championships 2015. Both sailed really well. Maia was given an award for the youngest sailor taking part and Ines came 1st in the "Bronzefleet" and came 7th in all England in another race. Wow, very well done girls.!
Oliver  Oliver has been part of the Woodbridge Warriors Rugby Club for only 3 weeks and has already been awarded a medal for "Trainee of the Day". Well done Oliver!
James  James played in his first football match for Woodbridge Woodpeckers U9's and scored 7 goals. Wow, very well done James!
Tristan and James  Tristan and James came third in a sailing competition during their Cadet week. It was the first time that James had sailed in that particular boat! Well done guys!
Connie  Connie took part in the Deben Swimming Club Championships. She came 2nd in the under 10s 4x50m race, using all four strokes. Great swimming Connie!
Terri-Ann  Terri-Ann took part in the Woodbridge Dog Show with her dogs Molly and Bracken. They won first prize in the fancy dress compeition as Sherlock Bones, Doggy Watson and Mrs Hudson. Fantastic Terri-Ann, very well done!
Dylan  Dylan took part in the Open Karate Competition at Northgate. He was awarded with a silver and a bronze medal. Very well done Dylan!
Ruby-Mae  Ruby-Mae organised with her Mum a sponsored walk and charity tea to raise money for the St Elizabeth's Hospice. They did wonderfully well and raised nearly £400. A fantastic effort, very well done Ruby-Mae!
Mimi  Mimi has achieved Gymnastics Award 1. Very well done Mimi!
Holly  Holly took part in the Riverside 100 production at the Riverside Theatre and danced in 5 shows. She wore a sparkly outfit and a blue wig and performed in front of 200 people each time. She loved the shows and was absolutely brilliant every time. Fantastic Holly!
Issy  Issy was awarded two certificates, the first for swimming 50m, the second for successfully completing a basic snorkelling course. Very well done Issy!
George  George was awarded a trophy for the "most points earned in all his exhibits" at the local village show and also a tankard for "Best Children's Exhibit" (a felt flower). Very well done George!
Emilia  Emilia achieved a distiction in her Grade 2 violin exam! Very well done Milly, a fantastic result!
Flo  Flo took part in the Felixstowe Hockey Club Tournament and her team came 1st. Very well done Flo!
Ines  Ines has achieved Grade 1 piano with merit. Very well done Ines!
Jasmine  Jasmine took part recently in two dancing competitions at Melton and Woodbridge. She performed brilliantly, very well done Jasmine!
Jessica  Jessica has achieved Stage 3 swimming. Very well done Jessica!
Ruby  Ruby has achieved her Stage 3 Learn to Swim award. Fantastic simming Ruby!
Teagan  Teagan has achieved the first brownies badge by learning her brownie promise. Well done Teagan!
Hugh  Hugh won lots of rosettes at the Woodbridge Flower Show. 1st in "something scary in your garden", 1st in shell collage and 2nd in home made bracelet. Very well done Hugh!
Barney  Barney took part in the "Go Ride Racing Series" at Trinity park. He came 2nd in the sprint, 3rd in the slow race and 3rd overall in the under 10s. Great riding Barney..... Tour de France next!
Nick  Nick did 1,111 keepies uppies with a tennis racket and ball. Well done Nick, move over Djokovic!
Isabelle  Isabelle swam 400m without stopping for a break. Fantastic swimming Isabelle!
Tamzin  Tamzin took part in "Groovy Greek" the Stagecoach show. She had to sing and dance and she was fantastic!
Lizzie  Lizzie achieved 4th place in the vault at a recent gymnastic competition. Very well done Lizzie!
Liam  Liam has earned his white belt with purple stripe in Mamba Martial Arts. Very well done Liam!
Darcy and Ruby  Both came 1st with their Woodbridge Carnival Float.....well done girls what fun!
Nell  Nell took part in the Deben Mini Club Swimming Championship.  She won 3 silver medals.  Brilliant swimming Nell!
Xanthe  Passed Grade 3 in Gymnastics, very well done Xanthe!
Iris  Iris passed Grade 3 cello with distinction and Grade 5 piano with merit.  what talent..... very well done Iris!
Isla, Sophie, Maddie, Theo and Naomi  All took part in "Drama High" at the Seckford Theatre.  They did two shows in front of very big audiences and they loved it!
Evie  Evie had her picture of her Dad printed in the Primary Times for the second time.  Fantastic picture, well done Evie!
Alex  Has achieved a white belt with a yellow stripe in the mixed martial arts, "kuk sool".  Very well done Alex!
Alex and Leah  Alex and Leah took part in a majorette competition in Colchester.  Alex came 2nd in the flag mascot and Leah 3rd in the military mascot.  Very well done girls!
Nina and Phoebe  Together did 1298 hops. Amazing stamina, very well done girls!
Nina  Has passed silver grade on the vault, great gymnastics Nina!
Billy, Zane and Ollie  All designed a fitness circuit.  100 star jumps, 100 press-ups followed by 12 sprint runs and 12 walks.  They completed the circuit loads of times and encouraged each other! Very well done boys.
Molly  Molly has achieved Stage 5 Learn to Swim award.  Fantastic effect Molly, very well done!
Lucy, Jack and Alex  Lucy, Jack and Alex are all karate champs.  Lucy has gained her white belt with purple stripe and Jack and Alex have both earned their white belt with blue stripe.  Very well done to all three!
Madeleine  Achieved Grade 4 violin with a distinction.  Congratulations Madeleine!
Iyla and Betsy  Designed their own fitness circuit.  220 cartwheels, 100 star jumps, 100 roly poly's, 100 more star jumps and 100 hops.  They completed it lots of times.  Very well done girls!
Zita  Zita learned about water safety as part of Drowning Prvention week.  Very well done Zita!
Billy and Zane  Both learned about water safety during Drowning Prevention week.  Very well done boys!
Oliver and Max  Both learned about water safety during Drowning Prevention week.  Well done boys
Abbie  Did 109 tuck jumps on her trampoline without a break.  What resilence, very well done Abbie!
Madeleine  Swam a mile non stop as part of her Rainbow Swimming award.  Great job Madeleine!
Lee and James  After being set a challenge by Miss Brown, Lee and James completed 600 hoops into the basketball net over a break and lunchtime.  Wow
Libby  ....has achieved Gymnastics award 3.  A fantastic achievement Libby, very well done.
Jack  Jack has achieved a 400m distance swimming certificate.  Very well done Jack!
Barney  Barney has achieved stage 5 Learn to Swim award.  Great swimming Barney, very well done!
Brooklin-Kai, Josephy, Oliver, Samuel and Zack  These boys have created a fantastic 'How to Train your Dragon' project.  They have created their own cards, illustrations, fact books, dictionaries, models and more!
Jessica K  Has recently taken part in four swimming competitions.  In Felixstowe she achieved a 1st and two 2nd places; in Halstead: 3rd & 2nd; in Leiston: 1st and 4th; in Ipswich: 3rd, 4th & 6th.  Well done!
Flo  Flo has achieved Stage 4 ASA Learn to Swim award.  A fantastic achievement Flo, very well done!
Alice, Millie and Ruby  Alice, Millie and Ruby took part in the Woodbridge Junior Run in the 'Round the Town Road Race' this year.  They ran 1500m!
Iris  Swam a mile without stopping... phew that's tough.  Very well done Iris!
Abigail  Has earned her Stage 1 ASA swimming award.  Fantastic swimming Abilgail, very well done.
Joseph  Was named the Under Eights Club's 'Man of the Year'  by his rugby club at the end of this season!


 Achieved her Stage 4 'Learn to Swim' Award!  Wow!
Jacob  Has earned his Stage 4 ASA swimming award.  Very well done Jacob!
Terri-Ann  Completed her Rainbow Swimming Award and got a certificate and a badge
Isaac  Came fourth in an LTA mini tennis competition.
Tyra  During half term Tyra and her Pony entered two horse shows. She was 1st Reserve champion in one show and Supreme champion in the other. She won lots of rosettes and trophies - well done!
Ethan  Ethan won supporters' player of the year at the end of season awards for his football team. Well done Ethan!
Danielle and Ruby  Danielle and Ruby have got a trophy for being the best dancers. Well done girls!
Harrison, Seth, Matthew, Cameron and Fin  All entered and won a football tournament at Woodbridge Football Club. Excellent work boys!
Flo  Flo has got a trophy for her really good dancing! Very well done Flo!
Izzy  Izzy has run the Woodbridge Run Junior. She came 38th overall and 1st in her age group. A fantastic achievement!
Nina and Phoebe  Nina and Phebe both won medals after competing in the Alton Water 2K run. Super athletes in the making!
Tyra  Tyra took part in two horse shows and came 1st, 2nd, Supreme Champion, Reserve Champion and Champion in lots of different events! That sounds like a successful couple of days!
Tamzin  Tamzin passed her Performance Arts exam with a merit. A star for the future!
Emily and David  Emily and David both passed their performing arts exams with a merit. Congratulations!
Bethia, Amelie, Iris, Tamzin, Dominic, Madeleine and Finlay  Bethia, Amelie, Iris, Tamzin, Dominic, Madeleine and Finlay took part in a recent Suffolk Young Musician competition and all earned certificates.
Ben and Hugo  Ben and Hugo were both given medals to celebrate the end of their rugby season. Great work boys!
Isaac  Isaac earned a certificate for taking part in a mini-tennis competition. Well done Isaac!
Ollie, Poppy and Ruby  Ollie, Poppy and Ruby sold loom bands for charity and made £8.10 for Woolverstone Wish.
Eva  Eva achieved her grade 1 dance certificate with a merit. Great news!
Alice  Alice won a medal at a recent rugby festival. Well done Alice!
Bethia  Bethia passed her grade 4 piano exam! Fantastic news. Well done Bethia!
Zack  Zack earned a merit whilst completing the sixth stage of karate. Well done Zack!
Joseph  Joseph won medals and a certificate after his team finished first in a rugby tournament.
Millie  Millie came third in a rugby tournament. Well done Millie!
Chloe  Chloe achieved her "Learn to Swim" Stage 1 award. Great stuff Chloe!
David and Finley  David and Finley play for the under 9's Woodbridge Warriors rugby team. At the Ipswich Rugby Festival they played 6 matches and came 1st in the tournament.
Isaac  Isaac took part in a tennis competition and got a medal and certificate. Very well done Isaac!
Kit  Kit has reached the 2nd stage of the BBC "500 word story". He is the youngest person in the under 9 category, as he is only 5. His story "Sankerseef and the Kevin" has been selected from 120,000 others to make the last 3,000. He will hear very soonif he has made the last 50! What an amazing achievement Kit, very well done!
Daniel  Daniel came 1st with his team in the Scouts County Bowling Competition and he made the highest score of the competition. Very well done Daniel!
Lucy  Lucy has achieved her first black belt in martial arts (white with a blue stripe), she was also awarded a gold certificate for perfect punches and kicks in her "grading". Very well done Lucy!
Dylan  Dylan is really talented at karate. At a recent karate competition, he came 1st in "the cutter" (a series of moves put together), 2nd in the team cutter and 2nd in the fighting. Well done Dylan!
Ruby  Ruby raised £86.10 for Children with Cancer by baking delicious cupcakes and selling them. Very well done Ruby!
Ashton  Ashton played tennis in the Inter-County event with his team and came 4th overall. Last year they came 8th so they have really improved. Very well done "Suffolk Shark" Ashton!
Jesse  Jesse has achieved Stage 1 and Stage 2 "Learn to Swim" awards. Fantastic effort Jesse, well done!
4S  4S created an amazing number line on our sponsored maths day. It even has negative numbers. Fantastic work 4S, very well done!
Nellee-Kate  Nellee-Kate is now an Ipswich Harrier! Very well done Nellee-Kate for being selected. A fantastic achievement!
Connie  Connie was awarded a hockey trophy by all the coaches at Felixstowe Hockey club because she is always first on the pitch, she always plays well and she listens to the coaching. Very well done Connie!
Gabby, Ruby and Alicia  Gabby, Ruby and Alicia worked as a team and managed to safely give each other 51 piggy backs across the field during one lunchtime. Very well done girls!
Sam  Sam has acheived a Rainbow Swimming Award for swimming the distance of 400m without stopping. Very well done Sam!
Tamzin and Whizz  Tamzin and Whizz came 4th at Crufts in the small dog agility class. Very well done Tamzin and Whizz!
Will  Will passed the Trinity College London Grade 4 trombone exam with distinction. Very well done Will!
Dylan  Dylan went to the National Karate Championship. He won through to the 1st round in the paired competition and narrowly missed out in the singles competition, losing to the gold medalist. He also met the England karate team..... wow! Very well done Dylan!
Dylan  Dylan was awarded a trophy at his karate club for being the best competitor during the month. Very well done Dylan!
Ruby-Mae, Esmie, Teagan, Alice, Layla, Millie and Kacey  All worked as a team and completed a total of 3,167 star jumps, hops, press-ups, skips and runs. Wow, they must be fit! Very well done girls!
Mia  Mia cycled all the way round the field and even though it was really hard work, she kept on going. Very well done Mia!
Lizzie  Lizzie has passed Suffolk Amateur Gymnastics Grade 2. Very well done Lizzie!
Nell  Nell made 14m and 26 cms of finger knitting in 40 minutes, What fantastic concentration, very well done Nell!
Flo  Flo has achieved British Gymnastics Level 6. Very well done Flo!
Alice  Alice passed the Under 8 Dance Test 1 with "honours" and was awarded this special trophy because she tried so hard. We are so proud of you Alice, very well done!
Dylan  Dylan achieved two 1st place cups at the East Anglian Karate Competition at Northgate Sports Centre. Fantastic achievement Dylan very well done!
Tamzin  Tamzin appeared in the East Anglian Daily Times last weekend because she and her dog Whizz are going to take part in the Crufts agility class. Good luck Tamzin and Whizz!
Mary  Mary raised £17.20 for Woolverstone Wish Fund by organising a scone and cupcake sale. Very well done Mary, a really great way to show how much you care.
Daniel  Daniel achieved the "Top Score" in the Cubs Orwell District Bowling Competition and has earned a place in the County final on April 18th. Very well done Daniel!
James  James has achieved a 600m swimming certificate. Very well done James, great swimming!
Lee and Finlay  Lee and Finlay shot 145 baskets in just one lunchtime. Wow, great shooting boys!
Phoebe  Phoebe has acheived the ASA Swimming Stage 2 Award. Very well done Phoebe, great swimming!
Libby, Maddie and Jessica  Libby, Maddie and Jessica were a brilliant team together. They each did 190 continuous exercises including star jumps, hops, press ups and "bridges" to get fit. They helped and encouraged each other. Very well done to all three!
Grace  Grace has passed Grade 2 piano with distinction. Brilliant grace, very well done!
Danielle  Danielle has passed ASA Learn to Swim Award Grade 3. Very well done Danielle!
Ruby  Ruby has passed ASA Water Skills Grade 2 and been awarded a certificate for swimming 20m. Very well done Ruby!
Phoebe  Phoebe has acheievd a 10m swimming certificate. Very well done Phoebe, great swimming.
Isabella, Phoebe, Alexander and Nina  Were a brilliant team together. They each did 100 continuous exercises including starjumps and hops to get fit. They helped and encouraged each other. Very well done to all four!
Finley  Finley was awarded a Rainbow Swimming Certificate for swimming 10m. Great swimming Finley! Well done!
Jake  Jake was awarded ASA Stage 4 swimming award. Very well done Jake!
Nina  Nina was awarded ASA Stage 4 Swmming Award. Very well done Nina!
Vincent  Vincent was awarded a gold certificate in Karate and now has a white belt with a brown stripe. Very well done Vincent!
Joseph, Max, Ashton, Oliver, Joel, Samuel, Zack, Liam and Lee  Worked as a fantastic team and bounced and caught a ball 400 times, without anybody dropping it! Great work boys!
Catherine  Catherine swam a mile (65 lengths) in one continuous session. An amazing acheivement Catherine, very well done!
Elsie and Evie  Have both acheived their Stage 1 ASA swimming awards. Very well done girls!
Elena, Iyla, Isabelle, Lyra, Tiana, Tamzin, Sam and Libby  Used their break times to plan and race against each other in 100 races.They were a brilliant team and are working hard to get fit!
Cara  Cara has achieved the ASA Stage 3 swimming award. Very well done Cara!
Hannah  Hannah took her Grade 1 piano exam and passed with distinction. She has also recently achieved the ASA Swimming Challenge Silver Award. Very well done Hannah!
Lizzie  Lizzie took part in a Christmas Extravaganza at Pipers Vale Gymnastic Centre and performed 7 gymnastic dances in front of two huge audiences. She danced brilliantly! Very well done Lizzie!
Connie and Flo  Connie and Flo were both awarded FLOCON awards because they are great skiers. They can ski backwards, go in and out of slalom poles and ski down blue runs without wiping out! Very well done girls!
George and Esme  George and Esmie have both won Blue Peter badges for being bookworms and reading 1,124 books between them during the summer holiday/ Very well done to them both!
Hannah  Hannah recently passed her Grade 1 Piano exam. Very well done Hannah!
Megan and Millie  Megan and Millie were both recently awarded Star Dance Award One. Very well done girls and congratulations!
Molly  Molly was recently awarded a 600m swimming certificate. Very well done Molly, great swimming!
Bronte, Eva, Millie and Alice  Bronte, Eva, Millie and Alice were a great team and togerther did 3,000 star jumps. They took turns to complete 20 jumps and kept on going and going.... very well done girls, great fitness work!
Flo  Flo was recently awarded a 600m swimming certificate and has achieved Stage 7 in British Gymnastics. Very well done Flo, great perseverance!
Connie  Connie has been awarded a ONE MILE swimming certificate. Fantastic swimming Connie, well done!
Joseph  Joseph was awarded a certificate for swimming 200m. Fantastic swimming Joe, very well done!
Gabby, Dominic and Hannah  Gabby, Dominic and Hannah all won either 2nd or 3rd medals at the recent Suffolk Youth League Hockey Tournament. Very well done to all three!
Issy  Issy has achieved a 15m swimming certificate. Great swimming Issy, very well done!
Maia  Maia has achieved Proficiency Award 7 in trampoline gymnastics. Very well done Maia!
Harry  Harry was awarded the Beavers trophy for being the best cub in his lodge. Very well done Harry!
Libby  Libby was awarded a certificate for swimming 10m. Fantastic swimming Libby, very well done!
James  James was awarded a certificate for swimming 400m. Fantastic effort James, very well done!
Connor  Connor was awarded a certificate for swimming 400m and another certificate for passing Water Skills Grade 3. Fantastic swimming Connor, very well done!
Tamzin  Tamzin was awarded a very special certificate from her "Feelings Group" because her contribution to the group was so good. Well done Tamzin!
Kiera  Kiera has acheived her 100m swimming certificate. Very well done Kiera!
Jamie  Jamie was awarded a certificate for swimming 600m. Fantastic swimming, very well done Jamie!
Daniel  Daniel took part in the Orwell District Cubs and Scouts swimming gala. He swam in 5 races, reaching the final of the cubs 25m freestyle. He also helped out a scout group who were short of swimmers and reached the 100m medley relay final. Very well done Daniel!
Mimi, Jasmine and Alicia Set themselves a challenge to hop around the field perimeter path, twice because they are busy getting fit! They encouraged each other and achieved their challenge! Very well done girls!
Ines  Ines has achieved two climbing awards. Foundation Climber and Top Rope Climber. Brilliant achievements Ines very well done!
Madeleine  Madeleine has taken her grade 3 violin exam and passed with a distinction. Amazing, very well done Madeleine!
Dylan  Dylan came 2nd with his karate team EKKA, at the East Anglian Karate Competition at Northgate Sports Centre. An amazing acheievement very well done Dylan!
Leah  Leah came second with her majorette troupe in a recent competition and also came 2nd in her ribbon solo and 3rd in her pom-pom solo. Very well done Leah, a super achievement!
Annabelle  Annabelle has acheived the Rainbow Swimming Award 1500m certificate. Amazing Annabelle, very well done!
Lee  Lee plays basketball for the Felixstowe Bears and his team won a recent match 45-43 points. Great play Lee, very well done!
William  William has acheived a Rainbow swimming badge for swimming 50m. Very well done William, a super achievement!
Isabelle  Isabelle has achieved the Rainbow swimming badge for swimming 50m. Very well done Isabelle, a super achievement!
Gracie  Gracie took part in the Ballroom Dancing Grand Finals Competition in Blackpool. She did brilliantly and came 1st in the Under 12's Cha cha cha. Very well done Gracie!
Holly  Holly won a colouring competition. Her prize was an hour of bowling for 6 people. Very well done Holly!
Joseph  Joseph has achieved Stage 9 in swimming. Very well done Joseph!
Cass  Cass was made "Student of the month" in his karate class at Northgate. A fantastic achievement, very well done Cass!
Flo  Flo has acheived the British Gymnastics Award Level 8. Very well done Flo!
Lee  Lee has achieved a certificate for swimming 100m. Great work Lee, very well done!
Naomi  Naomi made these two brilliant stuffed toys, "The Flopness Monster" and "Bunny the Owl"! Great work Naomi!
Florence  Florence has achieved the ASA Water skills Grade 1 certificate. Very well done Flo!
Nathan  Nathan spent much of his half term holiday building this superb Roman Colliseum model. His dad cut the corks but he did everything else. Very well done Nathan, it it fantastic!
Josh and Harry  Josh and Harry have both completed their Stage 1 swimming award. Very well done boys!
Will and Daniel  Will and Daniel completed some amazing maths together and calculated the biggest ever answer for a problem at Kyson of 218, 474, 976, 710, 656...... and they can say it! Brilliant work boys!
David, Maia and Ines  Set up a cake cafe and raised £1,000 for the flood defences along their street. What a fantastic effort, very well done all three!
Gabby, Connie, Hannah and Dominic  Took part in a hockey tournament at Felixstowe Hockey Club. They all played really well and won gold and silver medals between them. Very well done to them all!
Sam  Sam was awarded his stage 3 "Learn to Swim" award. Very well done Sam!
Dylan  Dylan did a brilliant collage of Boudicca at home as extra homework. It is brilliant Dylan, very well done!
Fae  Fae has earned the "252" archery badge by shooting 259 points with 36 arrows, a fantastic achievement. Very well done Fae!
Sam, Milly and Poppy  Sam, Milly and Poppy did a sponsored walk and raised £124.56 for the Bredfield playground fund. Very well done to all three!
Bella  Bella has achieved her Stage 2 swimming award. Fantastic Bella, very well done!
Jessie Grace  Jessie Grace was awarded the "Farm to Fork" certificate for successfully completing a cooking course.
Scarlett  Scarlett made this very beautiful owl, using felt and stuffing and she sewed every stitch herself. Very well done Scarlett!
Jamie  Jamie was awarded his Stage 5 swimming award. Very well done Jamie!
Millie  Millie has earned her Stage 4 swimming award and has passed her Grade 1 violin exam with a merit. Very well done Millie!
Rhianna  Rhianna has earned her Stage 1 swimming award. Very well done Rhianna!
Will  Will was presented with a mug for coming 3rd in the "Train and Race" sailing races at Aldebugh. In his three races, he came 2nd, 2nd and 3rd. Very well done Will!
Lucy  Lucy passed her Grade 1 violin exam with merit. Very well done Lucy!
Grace  Grace passed her Grade 1 violin exam with distinction. Very well done Grace!
Poppy  Poppy sold loom band bracelets and raised an amazing £72 for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. What a big heart you have for others Poppy, very well done!
Esmie  Esmie achieved two 1st prizes and two 2nd prizes at the Debach Show. She also completed the "Farm to Fork" challenge at Tesco. Well done!
George  George won lots of prizes at the Debach Show and was awarded a cup for all his achievements. He also completed the "Farm to Fork" challenge at Tesco. Well done!
George and Esmie  They both appeared in the newspaper because they have borrowed an amazing number of books from Woodbridge Library........ 1,470 since they were very small. Well done George and Esmie!
Sam  Sam achieved the stage 2 swimming award. Well done!
Connie  Connie took part in the Deben Swimming Club Champs and was presented with a cup for the best under 9 competitor. Well done!
Dolly (Danielle)  She successfully completed the "Farm to Fork" challenge at Tesco. Well done Dolly!
Milile  Millie went to her first ever Pony Show. She earned 2nd place rosette for the colour of her pony, a 5th place rosette for the leading class and a special rosette for the potato race which she completed with her pony "Maisie". Well done Millie!
Flo  Flo has achieved her Stage 3 swimming award. Well Done Flo!!


Summer 2014

 Name Achievement
Nina  Nina has achieved a Gymnastics Award 2. Absolutely fantastic Nina, well done!
Molly  Molly has achieved a Rainbow Award Scheme certificate for swimming 200m. Very well done Molly!
Tamzin  Tamzin recently swam 3000m! Truly amazing. Very well done Tamzin!
Jayden  Jayden has achieved a Stage 1 Swimming Award. Very well done Jayden!
Madeleine  Madeleine has achieved distance swimming certificates for both 600m and 800m. Well done!
Iris  Iris swam 1,000m in her swimming lesson on Saturday. Wow, what stamina and fitness. Well done!
Millie and Mary  These girls took part in ITFC football tournament at FHS during the Easter holiday and they won 2nd place medals. Well done girls!
Alexandra  Alex took part in a Mace competition at Clacton recently. She came 1st even though there were lots of other competitors. Well done!
Humphrey  Humphrey used to hate the water but now has earned 5 swimming badges. Well done!
Nellee-Kate  She took part in the Woodbridge 1,500m run and was the 2nd fastest finishing 9 year old. Very well done Nellee-Kate, great running!
Phoebe  Phoebe completed the Alton Water 2km run in just 14 minutes. Fantastic running Phoebe... and she didn't stop for a rest once!
Gracie and Amelie  The girls both passed their Grade 2 violin exams with flying colours. Well done!
Ben  Ben was awarded a trophy for being "the most valued player in the U1X team" at Woodbridge Rugby Club. Well done Ben!
Molly  Molly took part in the Alton Water 2km run. She did brilliantly completing the course in 14 minutes.
Annabelle, Jamie and William  They took part in the Alton Water 2km run. They all did brilliantly completing the course in 14 minutes.
Nellee-Kate  Nellee-Kate completed the Kesgrave 5km race on Sunday 4th May. She completed the course in 24 minutes (10 minutes quicker than last year) and was the 4th lady finisher and the 3rd junior girls finisher. A fantastic achievement Nellee, many congratulations!
Terri-Ann  Terri-Ann achieved her Grade 1 Water skills. Well done!
Josh and Harry  These boys collected money for the Red Cross last week in Woodbridge town centre with their Granny. They collected an amazing £47. Well done boys!
Molly  Molly did 874 jumps on her trampoline without changing legs. Well done!
Cara  Cara has recently achieved a Gold Gymnastics award. Well done!
Jasmine and Nathan  These children collected 105 pieces of rubbish and put them in the proper place. What a thoughtful and helpful thing to do.
Ruby-Mae  Ruby-Mae painted an absolutely beautiful picture of a butterfly. What a talent!
James, Connor, Josh, Jake, David and Nathan  These boys successfully rolled a ball around a table to each other. None of the lost concentration and let the ball fall to the ground. They are a great team.
Tamzin  Tamzin has earned her 25m swimming certificate. Well done!
Connie and Flo  These girls decided to have a stall outside their house to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease. Lots of people bought things from them and together they made £70.20. Well done!
Esmie  Esmie made a dog out of fabric. It was so good that she came 1st in the Craft Competition at Rendlesham Fair. Well done!
Alice, Millie, Eva and Jorja  The girls went down the hopscotch grid 500 times. They were exhausted by the end! What great exercise and super teamwork.
Danielle  Danielle has earned her 10m swimming certificate. Well done!
Lyrah  Lyrah has passed Grade 2 Water Skills and she had to swim through some hoops in the deep end. Great swimming Lyrah!
Andy  Andy came second overall in a Triathlon at Bury. He earned a bronze medal in the shooting, silver in the swim, gold in the run and gold in the horse riding. A fantastic effort Andy, well done!
Nellee and Mimi  The girls took part in the Deben Mini Club Championships. Nellee came 3rd in the breastroke and freestyle and Mimi came 3rd in the breastroke. Well done girls!
George  George came 1st in the Beano competition to design a dinosaur and he came 1st in the Lego competition at the Rendlesham show with his model of a Star Wars Ewok Village. Brilliant George!
Ralph and Jamie  The boys made a 7m long Loon band. What a whopper!
Fae  Fae came 1st in the Ladies Junior class in the Deben Archery Summer Tournament. Well done Fae, great shooting!
Cleve  Cleve came 3rd in the boys Freestyle Junior at the Deben Archery Club Tournament. Well done Cleve!
Anna and Connie The girls took part in the Deben Mini Club Championships and both won silver medals. Very well done girls!
Finley  Finley is still collecting rubber bands. The ball is now bigger than his head! Well done.
Isabel  Isabel ran across the field from edge in just 8 seconds.
George and Jack  These boys did 1,500 catches with Jack's new basketball without the ball dropping to the ground. Great team work!
Ruby and Flo  These girls walked round the field perimeter path 32 times and recorded the number after each circuit. Well done girls!
Ruby  Ruby passed her Grade 1 Waterskills. Well done!
Alfie  Alfie passed his Grade 2 Drums exam with a merit. Well done!
Daisy and Hazel  These girls took part in the Suffolk Schools Regatta. They completed against a fleet of 35. Daisy won a medal for best overall sailing and Hazel for best sailing in a Topper. Very well done to both girls. Stars of the future!
Jessica  Jessica swam in the Felixstowe Swimming Club Gala. She won a gold medal in the breastroke, 2 silver medals for freestyle and butterfly and a bronze for the individual medley. Well done!
Iris  Iris passed her Grade 1 Cello exam with a very high distinction. Well done!
Elsa Elsa passed Grade 2 Piano with a merit and Grade 3 clarinet with a merit. Well done!
Nina  Nina has passed her Gymnastics Award 1. Well done!
Honor  Honor took part in lazy sailing in a topper and was presented with a certificate for sailing really well. Well done!
Barney  Barney achieved a gold medal in the cycling sprint, gold in the under 10's ten minute race, silver in another race and bronze for his overall position in "Go Ride Racing" at Trinity Park. Well done Barney!
Seth  Seth took part in his first ever tennis tournament and was presented with a silver medal. Well done Seth!
Leah-Marie  Leah took part in a majorettes competition and earned certificates of merit for 'ribbon baton' and 'gold'. Well done!
Iris  Iris passed her Grade 4 piano exam with a merit. Very well done Iris!
Jack  Jack has earned a 100m swimming certificate. Well done Jack!
Alex  Alex has earned a 10m swimming certificate. Well done Alex!


Spring 2014

 Name Achievement
Tamzin  Tamzin entered her dog "Whizz" in the Agility Ability Dog Show and came 1st and 3rd.
Libby  Libby has earned her Puffin Swimming award. Well done!
Jack  Jack has earned his stage 2 swimming award. Well done!
Millie  Millie gained her Primary Tap Dance Award with a merit and her Primary Classical Ballet Award with a distinction. Well done!
Molly  Molly has achieved her stage 2 and stage 3 swimming awards. Well done!
Zack  Zack gathered up his spare toys, books and clothes and sold them at a Car Boot Sale to raise money for Syria Relief and Water Aid. He raised £31 and it was all his own idea! Very well done Zack for great initiative and thoughtfulness.
Elizabeth  Elizabeth has earned her Stage 3 swimming award and her Stage 3 Gymnastics award. Well done!
Oliver  Oliver made some fabulous pieces of art work using fruit and vegetable pieces. Well done!
Honor and Lily  These girls worked together as a team and managed 400 catches to each other without dropping the ball.
Emilia  Emilia has achieved her Grade 3 Gymnastics certificate, her level 2 Swimming certificate and played her violin in a concert. Well done Emilia!
Teodor  Teodor was awarded a gold medal for being part of the Under 13 Water Polo team that are undefeated champions. Well done!
Leah-Marie  Leah took part in a majorette competition where she was awarded 3rd for her wheel solo, gold for her marching, silver for her ribbon solo and a bronze medal for her wheel group. Well done!
Alexandra  Alex achieved Grade A in her Pom Pom exam and passed her silver Grade in Twirling. Well done!
Axel  Axel stood for an hour outside Budgens on Saturday morning to collect money for the RNLI. He raised an amazing £41.87. Well done!
Lizzy, Mimi, Anelie, Jasmine, Emily and Evie  These girls went hopping mad and did 150 hops around the field path without stopping.
Nina  Nina has achieved her Stage 3 Swimming Award. Very well done Nina!
Phoebe  Phoebe has achieved her Stage 2 Swimming Award. Very well done Phoebe!
Oliver  Oliver has created another wonderful piece of art work in the style of Van Gogh. Well done Oliver, your painting is stunning!
Haydn and Andy  These boys successfully completed their Level 2 Pony Racing Training. Well done! You are both talented riders.
Darcie  Darcie has achieved her Grade 2 Water Skills. Very well done Darcie!
Lizzie  Lizzie passed Grade 1 in gymnastics and was awarded her certificate by the Suffolk Amateur Gymnastics Association. Well done Lizzie!
Daisy  Daisy was awarded two bronze certificates for achieving Level 2 in riding and Level 3 in pony care. Well done!
Molly  Molly has achieved Award 2 in gymnastics. Well done!
Chloe  Chloe was awarded two bronze certificates for achieving Level 2 in riding and Level 2 in pony care. Well done!
Anya and Hannah  These girls are both really good at trampolining. Hannah has achieved British Gymnastics trampoline Level 7 and Anya has achieved Level 5. Very well done girls!
Jack  Jack has achieved his yellow belt in Kick Boxing. Well done Jack, you worked really hard to earn this!
Alice, Gracie, Eva and Isla  These girls have collected 12,000 stamps. Wow, what a collection!
Alice  Alice completed a 2 mile mini-marathon. It was a nice sunny day and the race took place in a lovely green field. Alice really enjoyed taking part, so did Christopher. Well done!
Alex  Alex has achieved Stage 1 of the ASA Learn to Swim awards. Well done Alex!
Lizzie  Lizzie was awarded her Stage 4 swimming award. Well done!
Connor, James, Jacob, and Nathan  These boys make a really good team. They bounce passed a tennis ball to each other without dropping it for 200 passes. Well done boys, that takes skill!
Grace  Grace recently achieved a 'distinction' in her Grade 1 piano exam. Very well done Grace!


Autumn Term 2013

Name Achievement
Grace  Grace took part in the Ipswich Triathlon at Framlingham. She swam 50m, then cycled 2 laps of a really big course and then 1 lap. Congratulations
Haydn  He took part in two horse shows during the summer holiday, one at Hickstead and the other at Peterborough. He came 1st in two classes and was champion in the evening performance. He won four rosettes and a huge sash. Well done Haydn and Leo!
Hazel  Hazel took part in the cadet National Sailing Competition in Wales. She came 1st in two silver fleet races, 2nd overall in the silver fleet and her boat was 18th British boat over the whole week (70 boats took part). Also, with her partner Archie, she was the Best Under 15 boat in her first National competition. Wow, what a star!
Jamie  He went to Debach Summer Show and was given a certificate and prize money of £1.25 for coming 3rd in the best exhibit. His exhibit was a crocodile made out of a marrow.
Annabelle   Annabelle entered three classes at the Debach Show on Saturday 7th September and won 1st prize for her flower arrangement, 1st prize for a handmade item (skirt) and 1st prize for her jam sponge. Her Granny was disqualified for using raspberries instead of jam. Annabelle won a cup and rosette.
Dylan  Dylan won his first medal at Northgate at an EKKA Karate Challenge Competition. What a star!
Jack  Jack does Kick boxing every week. He earned his red belt a few weeks ago.
Naomi  Naomi took part in the musical play "The Cheese Cracker" at Seckford Theatre on September 14th. She was a mouse and really enjoyed performing in front of a huge audience. Well done Naomi!
Alfie  Alfie passed his Drum Kit Grade 1 exam with a distinction. Brilliant Alfie, well done!
Ruby-Mae   Ruby-Mae hosted a tea party with the help of her family and friends where she raised £500 for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Well done!
Hannah  Hannah recently earned her Grade 5 in trampoline skills. She completed a routine with 8 moves. Wow!
Evie  Evie painted a brilliant picture of a horse. Very well done Evie.
Samuel and Holly  These children took part in a Twilight walk. They walked 3 miles and raised quite a lot of money. Well done.
Alexandra  Alex went to Clacton and took part in a Majorettes competition. 300 children took part and Alex came 3rd for 'mascot'. What a star!
Mara, Lily and Freya  These girls made a beautiful money box. They are hoping that people might put some pennies in their box, so they can send money to a monkey conservation charity in Africa. They are really concerned that the number of monkeys in the wild is decreasing. Our money will help a little. A really good idea girls, well done!
Marshall, Ryan, Tom, Rupert and Graham  These boys are absolutely fantastic at performing tricks with their diablos. They have practised and practised and practised until perfect.
Hazel and Daisy  Hazel and Daisy are fantastic sailors and are in the National Squad. Daisy recently won the most improved sailor trophy from Woodbridge Sailing Club. At Graffham Regatta, Hazel cam 13th and Daisy 1st. At Datchet Regatta, Daisy came 5th. Both of them are superstars!
Elena  Elena entered a colouring competition in the Summer holiday run by the Ipswich Building Society. She drew a beautiful picture and came 1st in the under 6 yrs category. Her prize was a lovely art set. Well done.
Josh  Josh played in a football tournament at Farlingaye. He played 'really hard' in 10 matches and his team came 1st overall. Well done Josh, what a winger!
Ruby  Ruby had an eye operation in London and was really, really brave. She was so brave that the hospital gave her a bravery award. Well done Ruby. We are so proud of you!
Adam  Adam is really good at 'finger boarding' and he built an entire skate park to use. It's fantastic!
Tom, Jamie, Will and Ryan  These boys can pass messages to each other telepathically! One concentrates on an object and transmits their thoughts to the other three and they guess what the object is. They use neither words nor hand signals. Very clever... or is it an illusion?
Inacio  Inacio played for the under 10 Woodbridge Warriors in Bury St. Edmunds Mini Rugby Tournament. His team played brilliantly and reached the final. It was the longest final ever played in the history of the competition. Woodbridge won 3-2 with the final point being scored in the dying seconds of the game. Well done Inacio and his team!
Anna  Anna produced an absolutely beautiful piece of art work in her class. What a talent, very well done Anna!
Martha  Martha is a fantastic hockey player. She plays for the Ipswich and East Suffolk team. Her team came 3rd recently in the Suffolk Youth League. Very well done Martha!
Jessica  Jessica recently climbed Helvellyn. It is the third highest mountain in England and is 950m above sea level. Well done Jessica (and also well done to Tom who did it too).
Ellen  Ellen won the Woodbridge Tennis Mini Orange Championship. Very well done Ellen.
Iris  Iris completed her 800m sim recently. Well done Iris, you're a superstar.
Ruby  Ruby entered a colouring competition at her Grandad's place of work and came 1st. Well done Ruby!
Tamzin  Tamzin recently achieved her Personal Survival Level 2 swimming certificate. Well done.
Leah  Leah recently achieved her Pom Pom Grade A Certificate of Merit. Well done Leah
Ben  Ben recently achieved his 1st MON karate certificate. Well done Ben.
Madeleine  Madeleine recently passed her Grade 2 violin exam with distinction. Very well done!
Jack  Jack has earned his 25m distance swimming certificate and his martial arts yellow belt. Well done.
Issy  Issy earned her Grade 1 water skills badge and has earned 5 badges at Rainbows. Well done.
Connor  Connor swam 100m without stopping. Well done.


Summer Term 2013

Name Achievement
Lucie N  Lucie passed her Piano Grade 1 with a merit and was just 2 marks away from a distinction.
Oliver  Well done for creating two fantastic pieces of art work at home.
Ellie, Neve and Emily  On Easter Sunday, Ellie, Neve and Emily went to London and performed on stage at the Sadler's Wells Theatre in front of 2,000 people. 
Ines, Lily, Honor, Elise, Sarah, Jessica and Amelie  These girls piggy-backed each other across the tyres without falling off.
Graham  Graham was awarded the Supporters Player of the Year 2012-13 (chosen by parents) and a trophy for being a brilliant member of the Woodbridge Woodpeckers.
Elliot, Ian and Dan  These boys play for the Woodbridge under 10's and won the cup final against Chantry 1-0. Elliot was awarded Supporters Player of the Year and all three boys were awarded cup finalists trophies and participation trophies.
Annabelle and Jamie They both ran their first 2km race at Alton Water on Sunday May 12th.
Monty Monty and his mummy have sponsored a Suffolk Punch called Colony Wren II.
Tyra  Tyra went to Topthorn Horse Show with 'Peter Pan' and won two 4th place rosettes and a 6th place rosette.
Gracie  Gracie took her Grade 1 violin exam and passed with a MERIT!
Amelie  Amelie took her Grade 1 violin exam and passed with a MERIT!
Maddie  Maddie took her Grade 1 violin exam and passed.
Alice  Alice made a brilliant rainforest model with her mum after learning lots about rainforests with Mrs Green in 1G.
Alice, Evie and Millie  The girls made a treasure island together at After School Club. It was so good that Miss Brown put it in the entrance area so everyone could enjoy it.
David  David went to London with his Dad to take part in a running race. He ran 2 miles against lots of other children and came 1st!
Nya  Nya passed her Grade 2 Gymnastics badge at Pipers Vale. Now she's aiming for a bronze.
Alex  At the Riding for the Disabled Fun Horse Show, Alex and Ellen were reserve champions and Alex came 2nd.
Andy  Andy and his pony, Tilly, took part in the Hunter Trials at Poplar Park in March, and came 3rd. He also came 1st with his sister in the pairs class and has qualified for a National Hunter Trial in October.
Sam C  Sam took part in the 5km Race for life in Chantry Park and took 27 minutes and 33 seconds to complete it! He raised £250 for cancer Research. He was thinking of someone very special to him all the time he was running: Granny Wheelie, a very special lady.
Katie L  Katie passed her Grade 5 Gymnastics award. Well done.
Robbie M  Robbie made an amazing pyramid out of clixie. It was 1m 74cm high, there were 24 pieces and none of the colours were next to each other.
Stephanie P  Stephanie took many hours to paint a beautiful water colour painting on real canvas.
Molly  Molly was awarded her Grade 5 Gymnastics award at Pipers Vale. Well done.
Keturah, Molly, Christopher and Evie  These children made a brilliant Bug Hotel.
Issy, Megan and Jessica  They all took part in the Race for Life in Chantry Park and ran 5km. They didn't stop once!
Flo D  Flo achieved her level 4 gymnastics award and a stage 2 swimming award. Well done.
Hazel W  Hazel has been collecting thimbles for a year and has already got 115 in her collection.
Catherine  Catherine and 'Rusty' came 4th in the class 'Best Child Handler' at the Dog Show in Grundisburgh.
Connie  Connie was awarded her Grade 1 Gymnastics and Bronze Floor Grade at Pipers Vale. Well done.
Gracie and Mollie  These girls have been going to Mrs Krissons Sewing Club and were inspired to create their own toys at home.
Monica  Monica passed her under 8 Dance test 1 with 93 points in the waltz and 90 points with her party dance. Well done.
Lee, Nell, Zita and Holly  These children designed a bug hotel that is also a fantastic piece of art. It has several storeys and protection from the rain too!
Zac  Zac entered every category open to 6-11 year olds in the Bramford Show and came either 1st, 2nd or 3rd. He was so successful he won the Bramford Junior Cup.
Ciara  Ciara won the 'Youngest Crew' at the Waldringfield Sailing Club Regatta. What a star!
Issy  Issy achieved her Grade 5 gymnastics award and her Puffin swimming award. Well done.
Corey  Corey achieved the first double Kyson smiley! Well done Corey.
Thomas, Ryan, Ryan and Will  These boys are brilliant at card tricks and have been learning lots of tricks that are really magic!
Elizabeth  Elizabeth has achieved her Grade 5 gymnastics award and her Grade 6 award too. Well done.
Jamie  Jamie took part in the Deben Swimming Mini Championship. He came 1st in butterfly, 1st in backcrawl, 2nd in breaststroke and 1st in front crawl. Wow! Congratulations Jamie.

Spring Term 2013

Name Achievement
Dylan M  Dylan achieved his Bronze Gymnastics certificate for the rings. Well done Dylan
Finley G  Finley took 4 weeks to make a huge elastic band ball. Wow!
Lucie and Daisy N  On their skiing holiday in Alpbach in Austria during the Christmas holiday, they both won slalom medals... many congratulations!
Nathalie R  Congratulations for achieving a Merit in your Primary in Dance exam.
Leah-Marie  Well done for winning first prize in the 'Princess on Parade' display in Ipswich. There were 10 people in Leah's troupe and 5 other troupes.
Nyah C  Passed her Recreational Gymnastics Award 3. Well Done
Issy and Finley  Both in Year3, they swam 1000m at Ufford Park Pool. They are so good, they both have certificates to say they swim like fish!
Jack  For Christmas, lucky Jack was given two football goalkeeper shirts and both were signed by Richard Wright and Jo Hart. One to wear and one to keep in a frame!
Ines and Anna  These girls went to their ballet class in December and took their Primary in Dance exam. Ines got a Merit and Anna got a distinction. Also, Darcy Bussell signed their certificates!
Jessica W and Tom J  At their joint 9th birthday party they asked for donations for Tearfund instead of presents. They raised £254.30 and as a result will pay for 4 new, safe, hygienic toilets to be built in parts of the world where families are desperately in need.
Megan  Megan took part in the Suffolk County Grades Gymnastics Competition at Pipers Vale in Ipswich. She did brilliantly and came 2nd out of 39 competitors.
Scott  Scott went to ITFC during the half term holiday and his team came 1st in a mini-tournament. Well done!
Neve F  Neve swam 65 lengths (1 mile) for the very first time. She used backstroke and front crawl and is very proud of herself.
Ben, Jacob, Frankie, Matthew, Sam, Betty, Finlay, Rupert and Cleve  These children made a Bug Hotel. It's very grand with all sorts of facilities. Lucky Bugs!
Lily  Lily swam 20 lengths at the Deben Pool. Her family sponsored her for each length and she raised £61 for Red Nose Day. Well done Lily!
Ryan and Zach  Well done to both boys for some great maths thinking. Zach came 8th in the UK and Ryan 2nd in the world on Mathletics.
Daisy  Congratulations Daisy for achieving a record number of Kyson 'Smilies' in 1 term = 14!
Issy  Issy ran brilliantly in the Pyramid Cross Country Championship at Hollesley Primary School on March 19th 2013. She came 2nd out of all the Year 3 and 4 girls. Well done!
Iris and Madeleine  These girls collected 370 used stamps for our St. Elizabeth's Hospice box. Well done girls.


Autumn Term 2012

Name Achievement
Hermyonie T Hermyonie navigated the high climbing frames at Banham Zoo which were taller than the houses and the trees!
Samuel E  Congratulations for completing a 3 mile sponsored walk dressed as a pirate to raise money for E.A.C.H
Ben G Congratulations for completing a 3 mile sponsored walk dressed as a pirate to raise money for E.A.C.H. 
Keturah B Well done Keturah. You achieved your 25m distance swimming certificate!
Maddie B and Finley B Maddie and Finley collected 210 stamps in just one month. The stamps will support the St Elizabeth Hospice.
Scott L On Friday 30th November, Scott achieved the position of 15th in the UK and 75th in the world on Mathletics
Tamzin  Tamzin achieved her Grade 6 in Water Skills. She had to swim 3 lengths in 2 minutes, swim underwater and swim back stroke and front crawl.
Tamzin  Tamzin achieved 1st place in Grade 5 Dog Agility with Diesel the dog.
Callum  Callum achieved his Orange belt in Karate. He came 10th out of 25 people in his Karate grading.
Corey and Connor  Connor wore a blindfold and Corey directed him around the field path using only spoken directions. Connor didn't step off the path once. What a great team!


Summer Term 2012

Name Achievement
Millie S  Millie achieved her first Gold certificate in Mathletics.
Elliot B  During one single Maths lesson, Elliot completed 64 column subtraction questions with money. He checked his answers and made no mistakes!
Stephanie P  Stephanie wrote a lovely letter to the Queen for her Jubilee. She got a thoughtful reply back from one of her ladies-in-waiting.
Sam C  Sam completed a fifteen mile coastal walk along Sizewell Beach.
Ashton B  Ashton worked really hard at home doing some maths and even managed to add three numbers together.
Finley, Paul, Victor and Ben  5000 rugby passes without dropping the ball.
Eden and Olivia  1099 bounces and catches with the class ball.
Finley and Isobel  Completed 800 metres at Ufford Park swimming pool.
Zachary C  Congratulations Zac for entering and winning the Lego City daily 'Build Ben a Forest' competition. Well done.
Jack and Lee  Well done for cycling 29 miles from Woodbridge to Felixstowe and back on the 6th May 2012.
Lucie N  In the Waldringfield Regatta 2011, Lucie and her pertner came first in the Burkitt's Slow Handicap Race! Well done Lucie.
Anya F  Congratulations Anya for taking part in the 'Orwell 25 Charity Walk' completing 7 miles.
Millie S  Millie has been awarded a certificate of Great Achievement at the Pipers Vale Recreational Gymnastics Competition.
Zachary C  Congratulations Zac for completing a full course study of Comtemporary Architecture, during the Legobusier Workshop at the Barbican Centre.

Spring Term 2012

Name Achievement
Millie S  Congratulations for being awarded your silver grade on Vault for gymnastics
Hannah W  Congratulations for being awarded your bronze grade in Gymnastics
Shane, Joshua C, Joshua W  Well done for successfully throwing and catching a ball 1417 times without dropping it once
Anya F  Very well done for swimming a fantastic 600 metres!


Autumn Term 2011

Name Achievement
Edward, Elliot, Hugh, Jacob, Hugo, William, Cameron and Max  These boys collected acorns during playtimes and managed to squirrel away over 5000 of them!
Jessica  Well done for obtaining your 100m and 200m swimming certificates.
Annabelle W  Congratulations for swimming a fantastic 100m.
Hannah W  Well done for swimming a fantastic 100m.
Callum R  Congratulations on achieving your 5th belt in Martial Arts. You are now a white belt with black stripe.
Millie S  Well done for being awarded your Grade 1 in Gymnastics.
Hannah W  Congratulations for being awarded your Grade 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in Gymnastics.
Zachary C  Well done for achieving quad biking, air rifle and paintball shooting certificates.
Madison, Millie and Leah  Congratulations for completing a three mile sponsored walk, raising money for charity.
Samuel E, Tilly K, Molly K  Well done for completing the East Anglia Children's Hospice Treehouse Twilight walk on 22nd October 2011.
Genevieve P  This summer Genevieve has won an amazing total of thirty-six rosettes and sashes with her first pony, Daisy.
Juliana L  Juliana achieved a swimming award for swimming 2000 metres.
Gracie S  Well done Gracie for achieving your 600m swimming certificate by completing 48 lengths in backstroke at the Dolphin Pool in Clopton.
Tamzin L  Congratulations on gaining your 1 mile certificate for swimming 66 lengths at Leiston Pool.

Summer Term 2011

Name Achievement
Lily J  Lily submitted a story to the Chris Evans Breakfast Show 500 Words Competition. Her story has been selected to go through to the next round - one of 900 stories out of nearly 30,000 entrants!
Graham D, Inacio H, Louis F-S, Ethan B, Andrew T-L  Congratulations to the boys on winning the under 7s football tournament in Stowupland.
Oliver B  Well done for coming third in the Regional Junior Karate Competition held on 19th June 2011.
Oliver C-B, Amy Mc, Beth G  Well done for participating in Race for Life at Trinity Park on 19th June 2011.
Juliana and Tamzin  Well done for raising money for the WWF Amur Leopard appeal by selling unwanted toys.
Bethia  Congratulations for winning a trophy at the Debach Village Show for getting the most points.
Ethan, Louis, Graham  Congratulations for taking part in the Woodbridge Woodpeckers football tournament and coming first out of five teams.
Sophie L  Sophie has stitched beautiful blankets to send to Africa.
Emilia and Clara  Well done for completing 1000 throws and catches of a ball in the school playground.
Zac  Congratulations for having your painting chosen to be part of the Never Ending Mural Project run by Ipswich Art School.
Imogen E  Well done Imogen for taking part in the Team Ipswich Swimming Competition in May. She finished second place in all her races.
Hugh C  Well done for coming first in the Junior Woodbridge Flower Show competition.
Sam F  Sam won 1st prize for making a variety of sweets for the Ufford Show competition. He then came 3rd for growing the longest carrot!

Spring Term 2011

Name Achievement
Megan G  Megan took part in a Majorette competition in Felixstowe and won 1st place for ‘Poise and Personality’. She also came 2nd for ‘Pom Duo’ and 3rd for ‘Pom Solo’.
Juliana L  Juliana received her first GOLD certificate on Mathletics.
Charlie M  Charlie worked hard on Mathletics to come 32nd in the UK and 45th in the World! He gained 3830 points in one day.
Emily M  Congratulations to Emily for achieving 11 Smiley Faces in one term! 
Fergus A  Well done Fergus for showing such skill and coordination by completing 1,243 “hitty ups” on your cricket bat.
Amy M   In February, Amy successfully skied the Olympic Downhill Ski Piste at Bardonecchia. She also achieved bronze level at the Italian ski school.
Oliver B  Well done for coming 15th in the UK and 32nd in the world in Mathletics.
Alex G   Alex has been selected for the Suffolk County Golf Partnership Academy after being invited to trial by his golf club. Roughly 100 children took part in the trial and 60 were selected to join. Alex will attend special coaching sessions run by golf pros once a month.
Saffron C  Well done for being part of the fabulous production of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
Iris R  Iris was awarded her 5 metre swimming certificate.
Dylan M  Dylan was awarded his 10 metre swimming certificate.
Freddie S, Andrew T, Inacio H, Ben W, Sebbie W and Ralph F  

Congratulations to the Woodbridge Rugby Club Under 7’s squad.

Runners up at the Colchester Festival, winning 4 out of 5 matches and drawing in the 5th. They only came second on points difference – scoring 28 tries!

Charlie and Jamie M  Well done for selling cakes and biscuits for Comic Relief. They stood outside their house for two days and raised £160.78!
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