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What do Kyson children learn?

Our curriculum is planned using the National Curriculum in England KS1 and KS2 Framework, to ensure thorough coverage of all the statutory content, knowledge and skills for our children.

In each year group, teachers contextualise learning through exciting and interesting topics so that each child is clear what they are learning about, its relevance and why it is important for their future learning journey and ultimately their place in the world.

English and Maths skills are taught sometimes in stand alone lessons but predominantly the skills are embedded in all areas of the curriculum. We teach children high level skills in English (see policy here) and maths (see policy here) and support each child appropriately to ensure they are able to explain their thinking and record their learning with high quality responses to meaningful, relevant tasks.

  • The school offers a rich and diverse curriculum across the whole school. Learning posters (click here to view ) for each year group show the topics and themes for the term or half term and the way learning is inter woven to create meaningful context.
  • All the children have music taught by a specialist teacher through which they will sing, learn musical notation and have fun exploring timbre, pitch and tone with untuned and tuned percussion. Four peripatetic music tutors visit the school each week and teach 79 children cello, violin, brass, or woodwind. The school has a first class orchestra of 35 players and regular concerts and musical productions are renowned for their quality and create much excitement for the performers. We love to see the children’s confidence grow.
  • All KS2 children have an hour of French each week taught by a specialist teacher, during which they learn to converse, cook and play in French. In addition Y6 learn some Spanish and all children across the school are introduced to the additional languages spoken by children within the school community Hungarian, Hindi, Lithuanian, Turkish, Spanish and makaton.
  • All the children are taught PE by specialist sports coaches who cover the National Curriculum, including swimming which takes place in our own heated pool during the summer term. The children play competitive fixtures in a wide range of sports and often enjoy success!
  • The opportunities for creativity within art and craft are rich and offer children a wide variety of mediums in which to experiment. The wonderful array of displays around the school and the children’s art portfolios, show the high quality of work.
  • Science – is a special focus for us in 2014-15. We want to increase the range of direct experience and experimentation for all children. Science Days Oct 14th and 15th provided the stimulus for learning about classification with a “Birds and Beast” visiting the school and “Rocket Mice” the stimulus for learning about flight, forces and gravity for experimenting, fair testing and refining. Lots more science days are planned.
  • Philosophy – we use stories as the stimulus to teach children across all year groups to think, reason, debate and justify views. The children love these lessons “because nothing is ever wrong”. In Years 5 and 6, we expect children to confidently utilise their skills in all lessons.
  • The school’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC link here) curriculum prepares our children for life in modern Britain and promotes British values of fairness, respect and tolerance (click here for link to our British values).
  • IT – is integrated across all studies, with daily use of i-pads, laptops and Interactive Whiteboards and now offers rich opportunities for children to code and program. We also ensure that e-safety is a priority for our children.

There are regular changes to the National Curriculum as standards rise and priorities change. To see details of the latest September 2014 curriculum for each year group see “A Guide for parents” (click here for the link).

……… and to read more of our Kyson approach to all aspects of the curriculum please see our varied range of school policies (click here for the link to policies).

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