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Kyson Staff

Leadership Team  
Miss E Brown - BEd (Hons) Headteacher
Mr T Gunson - BA (Hons) PGCE Deputy Head, Year 6
Mrs L Rush - BSc (Hons) PGCE Year 5
Mrs V Mawdsley - MA Year 3 
Mrs S Hardwicke - BA (Hons) PGCE SENCo
Mr J Ledgerwood - BA (Hons) PGCE Year 2
Miss R Francis - BA (Hons) Reception
Other Teaching Staff  
Mrs W King - BEd (Hons) Nursery
Mrs J Loomes - BA (Hons) PGCE Reception
Mrs J Calver - BA (Hons) Reception
Miss S Chamberlain - BA (Hons) PGCE Year 1
Mrs V Bamford - BA (Hons) PGCE Year 1
Mrs C Walsh - BA (Hons) PGCE Year 1
Mrs L Gunson - BA (Hons) PGCE Year 1
Mrs D Coups - BA (Hons) PGCE Year 2
Miss G Woor - PGCE Year 3
Mrs C Baldry - BA (Hons) PGCE Year 4
Mrs E Seaward - BA (Hons) PGCE Year 4
Miss S Aguilar-Millan - PGCE Year 5
Mrs G Robinson - BA (Hons) PGCE Year 5
Mrs F Fossett - BA (Hons) PGCE Year 6
Mrs H Bloss - BA (Hons) PGCE Year 6
Mrs K Fry - BEd (Hons)  PPA
Mrs M Glossop - BEd (Hons) PPA
Mrs C Holmes - BA (Hons) PPA
Mrs A Kemp - BEd (Hons) 1:1
Mrs G Krisson - BEd (Hons) French
Mrs S Rea - B Mus (Hons) Music


Instrumental Teachers  
Mrs L Clarke - LTCL Woodwind
Mrs C Fell - BA (Hons) LRAM Violin
Mrs J Walker Brass
Mr K Joyce - BA (Hons) Cello
Sports Coach  
Mrs A Leabon  
Office Staff  
Mrs L Dolan - BSc (Hons) School Administrator
Mrs E Kerridge Finance Administrator
Mrs J Davey Administrative Assistant


Teaching Assistants and Learning Support Assistants  
Mrs L Ashton Nursery Nurse
Mrs T Davidson Nursery
Mrs G Goodchild Reception
Mrs P Sarginson Reception
Mrs S Hopley Year 1
Mrs J Childs Year 1
Mrs A Walker Year 2 
Mrs E Carvel Year 2
Miss A Taylor Year 3
Mrs J Hutchings Year 3
Miss K Simpson Year 4
Miss D Tanner  Year 4 
Mrs J Nayar Year 5/6
Mrs T Excell Year 5/6
Mrs C Hickling Year 5/6
Mrs C Carter LSA (Nursery)
Mrs J Bailey LSA (Rec)
Mrs C Saxon LSA (Year 1)
Mrs M Owers LSA (Year 1 and 6)
Mrs M Levans LSA (Year 2)
Mrs D Baker LSA (Year 2)
Miss S Cane LSA (Year 2)
Mrs K Andrews LSA (Year 4)
Mrs L Rose LSA (Year 4)
Mrs J Plummer LSA (Year 5)
Mrs A Atkinson LSA (Year 5)


Midday Supervisors
Mrs S Bacon (Senior)
Mrs R Thompson
Mrs M Fisk
Mrs D Palser
Mrs C Boylan
Mrs J Bloomfield
Mrs A Norman
Mrs J Levett
Mrs R Thorold
Mrs P Napthine
Miss K Brookfield
Mrs J Fulcher
Mrs T Row
Miss H Reeve
Cleaning Staff
Mr D Rose (Caretaker)
Mrs S Bacon
Mrs R Thomson
Mrs D Palser
Mrs R Thorold
Mrs J Levett
Kitchen Staff
Mrs A Moffatt (Cook)
Mrs V King
Mrs J Jones
Mrs S Goodwin
Miss H Reeve
Ms S Mytton


This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this committment.

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