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2015-2016 Performance Data and Benchmarks -KS1 and KS2

Key Stage 1 (Number of pupils 56)

Teachers use national tests and a range of child's work over the year, to make an overall assessment of attainment and standard.

End of KS1 (end of Y2) Reading Writing Maths Science

Reading, Writing & Maths all at National standard

At National standard 73% 55% 64% 80% 47%
Disadvantaged children at National standard 59% 47% 47% 53% 38%
National average at National standard 74% 66% 73% ? ?


Key Stage 2 (Number of pupils 60)

National tests (SATs) in Reading, Maths and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling to assess each child's attainment and standard. Writing is assessed by the team of Year 6 teachers in school using each child's work over the year and their judgements verified by external moderators.

End of KS2 (end of Year 6) Reading Writing Maths Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Reading, Writing and Maths at all National Standard
At National standard 68% * 73% 72% * 68% 58%*
Disadvantaged children at National standard 53% 53% 59% 47% 41%
National average at National standard 66% 75% 70% 72% 53%

* Asterisks show where Kyson data ia above the National average figures.

 DfE (Department of Education) Progress measures KS1-KS2

Reading 0.9

Range -4.5 to 4.5

Writing -0.8

Range as above

Maths -0.3

Range as above

The progress made by our Year 6 children as they moved through Years 3-6 is shown by the above measures. We are proud of the progress made by all children and this range shows that on average, the success rate was as expected. Any positive figure shows more than expected progress.

Floor Standards

In 2016 schools will be held to account for the percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard at the end of KS2 and whether they make sufficient progress based on a new, value-added measure of progress.

A school will fall below the floor standard in 2016 where fewer than 65% of pupils achieve the expected standard and pupils do not make sufficient progress.

Progress Measures

Progress measures in 2016 will work in a similar way to current primary value-added measures. A school's score will be calculated by comparing their pupils' KS2 results against those of all pupils nationally who had similar starting points.

Pupils will be assigned to prior attainment groups based on their KS1 results.

The department will confirm what score a school would need to get to have made "sufficient progress" after the tests have been sat.

More detailed guidnace on how tthe new meausres will be constructed is expected to be published in early 2016

DfE Perfomance Tables

If you are interested in looking at the performance of other schools, locally or nationally please use the following link www.education.gov.uk/schools/performance to the DfE performance tables website.




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